Amazon has never hidden its ambition to compete with Netflix, Hulu and Google Play Films. The merchant portal still shows it by opening its Prime Video service in 200 countries. And there’s even good news.


Netflix could certainly be considered the Spotify music: without moderation cultural content (films and series in the first case, music in the second), in a formula to the request for a fixed monthly cost. A simple idea that significantly changes consumption patterns, because watching 100 movies with Netflix costs half the price of a movie (not including the 3D option). And when we say 100, it’s to give a figure. We could have said 10. We could have also said 200.

Launch in 200 countries


 If the competitors of Spotify are numerous, those of Netflix are less so. Because usage is only beginning to be adopted in the world and audiovisual rights are more complex than those of music. Indeed, for a film, there is what is called in the jargon of the trade “the calendar of the media”: there is a delay between the theatrical exploitation of a film, its release for hire and then VOD, then DVD / BluRay and finally on television (first pay channels like Canal Plus, then public channels). To top it off, there are exclusive rights, national rules, and so on. This has considerably slowed down the international expansion of Netflix. And its competitors.

One of them has just arrived!

And not just any one since it’s about Amazon. Until now, Prime Video is only available in more than 200 countries at the same time. Great news to get the competition going. Especially since Amazon Prime has a steadily rising number of films and series, in particular those produced by Jeff Bezos exclusively for his merchant portal: Mozart in the Jungle, Transparent, Tumble Leaf and especially The Man in the High Castle Series scripted in part by the legend of the comics, Stan Lee).

A very aggressive price


 The price of the service is rather aggressive, all included, including offline backup of series and movies on a tablet or smartphone Or Android. The service is also available on connected TVs of the LG and Samsung brands, as well as on PC and Mac web browsers. For those who watch streaming from a tablet or mobile 4G, note that it is possible to modulate the quality of the video according to your data plan.

Of the 200 countries, you will find France and Europe as well!


There are two good news for the French and Europeans.

  • First, their language is one of those that enjoy dubbing and subtitling on content (such as Portuguese, Italian and Spanish). Which is ideal to watch a series in VO while following the thread of the story.
  • Then, Prime Video is included in the Amazon Prime subscription. Which means it costs even less for us. Indeed, Amazon Prime is billed approximately 49 euros per year, or 4 euros per month. And this includes many other services (such as 1-day delivery).

The other countries where Prime Video is included in the Amazon Prime subscription are Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Puerto Rico, Spain, Italy, or the United Kingdom, not to mention the United States of course. This inclusion is obviously a great idea. And it could do, in the long term, harm to Netflix.