Apple needs no introduction. Everybody knows what Apple is. And it’s certainly not a fruit. It’s the technology brand that fast gained popularity in the last 10 years and changed the world’s technology game with its mind-blowing inventions and over-the-top technology. No one can question the mighty Apple and its spreading roots all over the world when the power of Apple could be witnessed in the decision of millions of people who were found standing in a long line outside the stores in bitter cold to get their hands on the Apple phone. Personally speaking, being a modest tech savvy person myself, I can totally agree to the fame that they are bagging is what they actually deserve for putting forward countless creative products coming right from the brains which are a step ahead in technology.


Dr. Cameron Powell, a doctor who left medicine years ago to put more time in an application named Air Strip, demonstrated how doctors can track any vital signs coming from a pregnant woman wearing Apple Watch and monitor her baby while she sits in the comfort of her home. The tech savvy gadgets that apple has brought in the market has taken over every walk of life like a storm. Starting from the Mac PC, smartphones, and tablets, to wearable tech and its latest Apple Pencil, Apple did it again and again to sway millions of people like you and me to get the best of both the world with its promising features and reliable technology.

Apple’s marketing force is hard to compete, and the secret behind their success is not that hard to guess. Before jumping to ‘How?’ they target on ‘why?” first. Our brains are programmed to nod on the messages that are specifically targeted to us. Apple’s marketing speaks to you about you and what you need and before you notice, you are in the long line dying to lay hands on it. What do you think?