The new “mobile friendly” update continues to spark debate about its impact on the positioning of websites. But what was the real impact of this update on business? What are the mid-term results if we look at pre-launch forecasts?

Here’s all you need to know about the first statistics related to the “Mobile Friendly” update.

No Immediate Significant Impact

To believe the results, a week after the launch of this update, there would be nothing new under the sun. This study carried out on 66 sites consisted of analyzing various parameters such as the position of their URLs, the evaluation of traffic generated from 1000 keywords followed, the ranking of sites in the first search results…

From this analysis, it emerged that the first week was not as tragic for companies, as announced the launch of “Mobile Friendly”.  Data measurements are contradictory and do not show a real impact for this Google algorithm.

Confused Consequences On The Referencing Of Companies

According to the results over 4000 small and medium enterprises, the deployment of Mobile Friendly has had an impact on SMEs. Indeed, 45% of respondents found position changes in the results or a significant impact on their traffic.

In addition, 41% of companies surveyed saw a drop of at least 3 positions in search engines. And while 69% of these SMEs still consider that the deployment of the Mobile Friendly update has been over-mediated, the fact remains that these changes are a real source of confusion.

A Responsive Site That Has Not Saved Companies

And for those who thought that the mere fact of having a website responsive enough to gain visibility, the opposite effect has occurred. Indeed, 37% of SMEs surveyed claimed to have recorded a drop in positioning results after optimizing their mobile sites.

Nevertheless, it has never been said that a site compatible with mobiles was enough to be well positioned! With this new cleanup, it is certain that Google has analyzed other parameters. It is very likely that the companies found a decline in their positioning has simply forgotten to implement all the other good practices inherent to SEO.

Take Complete Steps For Its SEO

Pending further studies on the subject, the figures presented clearly show some confusion. Although many changes have been noted, the “catastrophe” as announced has not yet happened.

By cons, it is possible that the updated Mobile Friendly has revealed sites that are simply not respected as SEO criteria required by Google. Consequently, in spite of a site adapted to mobiles, the search engine took care to privilege the sites respecting all the criteria of referencing.

There’s No secret about your positioning in Google results!

If you want to go, you must take into account all the criteria considered by the search engine. That is, you need to offer quality content, diversify keywords and especially use the semantic field, make only your descriptions or build relevant URLs.

Moreover, Google takes into account the authority of your site in general. That is to say that links should attract diversified traffic, both from organic searches, as referring sites or social networks.

If you have noticed a drop in your positioning following the Mobile Friendly update, despite a responsive site, it is most likely that your site includes some inconsistencies in the level of SEO. A powerful content strategy remains your best ally to attract traffic, position you on various keywords and show Google your authority. It is with a quality Content Marketing that you can go back in the results.

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