Strong sensations guaranteed! With an installation of home cinema, you will (re) discover your favorite movies in a new dimension. Not that of the image, but that of the sound environment. With a Home Cinema installation, you are indeed at the heart of the action. Installed at specific locations in your living room, different speakers, powered by an amplifier, deliver the smallest sounds of the scene you are watching: from explosion to whisper.


Today, the Home-Cinema universe has become considerably more democratic. No more the time when it was necessary to make a cross on part of its economies. The range has diversified without sacrificing technical performance.


There are models intended to satisfy amateurs who do not necessarily have the means to invest in a very high-end solution nor the place to install it.  In contrast, some elements are intended for a passionate clientele, ready to put the means to enjoy a facility worthy of a movie theater.

According to your needs: 

It is all dependent on your needs, your budget, and your constraints, you will opt for this or that solution. Let’s start with the Home Cinema installation itself. It includes an amplifier and various specialized speakers. In this family, the most known configuration is Home Cinema 5.1 (an amplifier, five speakers and a subwoofer).


Since then, this family has grown with 7.1 (and its variants) and even 9.1. Alongside these configurations new variations have appeared in order to meet market demand and make it possible to discover the home cinema at a lower cost. The set include the 2.1 sets, sound bars or the Hi-Fi packs.

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With all the brands, models, sizes and power of the speakers, how to choose the right system that really suits us? We present you the best models of home cinemas presently on the market.

What makes the price difference in this environment?

Many things: the company’s reputation, the technologies used, the type of system, the power of the system, the quality of the system and the quantity of loudspeakers, a multi-zone or simple zone system.

The different types of home theater and the size of the speakers


First myth: no, the size of the loudspeakers is not the most important thing, depending on the type of system desired, because there are companies on the market that specialize in small speakers that sound as much, if not more than the large speakers. The best known of these is Bose.

Types of cinema systems –house

Sound bar or system 2.1: very popular by the times that run, especially for the discretion it gives us. Many brands and models are on the shelves. But beware: they are not all good! If our goal is only to get a better sound than that on TV, OK, but try it before you buy it.


If your goal is really to have the Audiophonic experience of a home theater, there are not many choices available to you, but we can guarantee that some high-priced models can get you a sound worthy of a big cinema while keeping a refined look in your living room.

HTIB (Home Theater In a Box)

This is the type of system most commonly found on the shelves of department stores, but it is also the one with which one can get the most! With prices that can range from 299AED to 1,499AED, the display on the boxes is often misleading. Non-real wattages, passive speakers, small plastic loudspeakers, a DVD built into the amplifier itself. These are all features that may look interesting but which, in fact, are not.


If you are in a small apartment or in a room, or if you have a small budget to buy the system, it may seem appropriate. But do not buy anything and, especially, try it before in store; do not buy without hearing the sound! In fact, these are very eye-catching systems at first glance, or at the price level. The problems often encountered with this type of system: the sound is badly calibrated, they do not make a great sonority in the musical context, and they break much more easily. Everything is integrated: the wires, the DVD player, etc.

But when a piece breaks, you cannot, in most cases, recover the rest. The reason is that the connection is often made with connections unique to the manufacturer and, in this case, the whole system is only compatible with the assembly. Some HTIB systems are optimizable: if your choice stops on this type of system, go for a model that can be improved.

Custom Home Theater

The most interesting, but also the most expensive. However, we must say that we buy this type of system for a long time. It is called “made to measure” because you assemble your own home theater with the pieces that are best suited to your needs.


Amplifier with good power and technology, speakers with the sound you like, independent audio sources, etc. Good sound, no matter if you listen to a movie or music. And not obliged to have a room specially designed to be able to possess this type of system!

The most important things to know about buying a custom home theater system

One of the most important things is the choice of loudspeakers. When you listen to a movie, its technology is at least 5.1, which means five independent speakers, plus the “point one”, which is the subwoofer. 75% of the film comes from the center speaker and all the bass sounds will be directed to the subwoofer. These are therefore two speakers not to be ignored when choosing quality.


For the other four speakers, they will mainly be used for special effects. It is, therefore, important to choose front and rear speakers that have the same sound, so as not to overly change the sound effect presented. As for the musical side, choose speakers that will reproduce as closely as possible your favorite style of music.


To finish, the amplifier is a considerable choice for the proper operation of your entire system. Therefore, the technologies implemented at the level of the central motor, which is the receiver-amplifier, are important to consider.