The connection of a standard keyboard to an Android tablet is in principle immediate. But on some shelves, QWERTY keyboards are seen as QWERTY keyboards. A free application solves the problem. An adapter cord may also be required.

An adapter may be required

Connecting a standard keyboard to an Android tablet is usually not a problem. It is enough that this one has a USB host port, which is the case of most of them. However, there is often a problem with physical connectivity.

The USB ports of the tablets are indeed of the microUSB type. This requires an adapter cord, which converts the microUSB female connector into a female USB connector. This adapter is microUSB male on one side and USB female on the other. It is found on Amazon.

Once the connection is made, no need to go into the system parameters. The USB keyboard is immediately recognized and operational in any application. This even works with a wireless keyboard with a proprietary Dongle. Connecting a Bluetooth keyboard is barely more complex. Simply go to the Settings then in Wireless and networks, then turn on Bluetooth and follow the Bluetooth pairing procedure.

A free application

However, on some tablets, the USB or Bluetooth keyboard works by default in QWERTY mode, even if the keyboard is QWERTY and even if it is declared as such in the settings.

Switch in Android settings

There is a first solution. Once the keyboard is connected, go to the Android settings and select:

  • Language and seizure
  • Physical keyboard (which only appears if the keyboard is connected)
  • USB Keyboard

On some tablets running under a recent version of Android, the path is slightly different. Also in Android Settings:

  • Select Control (in the top bar)
  • Under Physical Keyboard, select the indicated keyboard
  • Click Set Keyboard Type

Switch using a free application

If the previous solution does not work, another solution is to install an application available on Google Play.

The Physical keyboard application is free and works very well. In the input settings of Android, it brings up a new keyboard called simply physical keyboard. Just select it just after connecting the keyboard.