The digital landscape is changing: new trends and applications appear almost every day, while others fall silently into oblivion. With so many daily operating tasks pacing your day, how to keep you up to date on technological trends to follow?

The new trends in digital marketing are not just for business! We here showcase on how small businesses can grow even with a very limited budget.

Here Are 12 Ways To Increase Sales:

We offer 12 simple tips to increase sales, for details on some of them contact us. The following advice is valid for a representative, but also for the sales manager of a company.

  1. Select your clients and focus on those that offer the most potential, this is called as the classification of customers in categories A, B, C, D. Clients A are your big customers who do not have more potential because they are yours and you have to retain them because they will be attacked by the competition. B customers are important, but you are only doing small business with them, these are A customers of your competitors, you must try to recover them.
  1. Increase the number of your customer visits, if a representative increases the number of his visits by 20% he should statistically increase his sales by the same figure.
  2. Prospecting is necessary to compensate for the mandatory losses of existing customers. The solution to prospect is to provide time slots of at least one or two half days per week to call key prospects that will allow you to expand your business.
  3. Ask for referrals to every satisfied customer or who says no, the easiest way to prospect and find new customers is to call on someone else’s behalf.
  4. Use sales techniques that focus on the customer’s needs rather than the old obsolete techniques of argument.

6. Use social networks to let you know. Social networks can enable you to achieve several different goals: get your current customers to recognize you, let you know new customers, spread the offers and products or services you sell. You must have personal or business pages in LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+. Learn how to use it, but also to use the social media of others. There are some things you should know to avoid being banned from the pages you use.

7. Conduct advertising campaigns on Facebook, it is the cheapest and most paying social network currently according to the majority of digital marketing specialists. Start to try with a few dollars a few dollars, you will learn to target and measure results.

8. Help SEO by your website by writing articles that you can publish on your site’s blog or on your LinkedIn page with links pointing to your site. You can also make exchanges of articles with friends and complementary sites, all this contributes to the SEO of your site, therefore to its publication on the first page of the search engines through natural referencing. Some say that a company that is not on the front page of Google does not exist!

9. Organize targeted campaigns with Adwords paying in major search engines, i.e. Google and Bing.

10. Learn to sell new products, too often sellers sell products they know well and enjoy while there are almost always lines of products under-exploited and to develop.

11. Train yourself and be informed to always be ahead of the parade.

12. Follow digital marketing trends as things are going very fast now and you cannot be in sales without knowing what is going on. If only for your clients, you need to know more than they do to advise them.

Develop Sales With 3 Digits: