We were lucky to be able to preview the Switch, the new console of Nintendo. Here are our impressions on the joystick or rather joy-con in hand, since this is how the controllers of the SWITCH are called!

Will this new console create an upheaval as strong as the Wii in its day?

A unique and innovative concept  

Like the Wii in its time, Nintendo offers a machine supposed to revolutionize the universe of game consoles. Do not look for a power monster because the SWITCH is less powerful than the competitors PS4 and Xbox One. But can we really talk about competition with this unique concept of transportable living room console?

The promise has the merit of being much simpler to understand than when releasing the Wii U. with SWITCH Nintendo allows us to play on our television (the console is then inserted in a dock that also acts as charger) but especially to continue our adventures in a nomadic way taking the console with us.

The object is ideal in its proportions, light to handle too and equipped with a screen that is admittedly limited to a resolution 720p (HD Ready standard) but that regga with its quality of contrast. SWITCH reminds us of the tactile tablets that swarm in our homes and it is not surprising that it is equipped with a graphics processor NVIDIA Tegra, one of the best representative of the genre.

This also explains that, and it is a disappointment, the display on a television is quite withdrawn from the standards of the PS4 and the Xbox One. Conversely, the games on the console screen often seem finer, which makes us say that the SWITCH is rather a portable console (with the unprecedented power) that can connect to a television.

A console, several ways to play it

The SWITCH has two Joy-con, L and R (left and right). They can be removed from the console in a single gesture and the two joysticks are available. Separated from its base the Joy-con is really very small and big hands will have the impression of manipulating a model for children! The console is also delivered with two accessories, straps which add a thickness to the joy-con but also two buttons for a better grip.

The SWITCH is a portable console, but it is resolutely accessible to several, on a local network or via internet. We have thus been able to test several games in split screen and to appreciate that the whole remains legible.

You can play two on the same SWITCH to the excellent Mario Kart 8 Deluxe even though the abundance of bonus on screen sometimes hinders the player a little. In full screen the result is in contrast magnificent with a flawless fluidity. To play for two, we also test the mini-flounces in which fit the joy-con of the console. Result, as on Wii U, the maneuverability is impeccable. The Joy-con, despite their small size are finally pleasant to use, it is rather the style of play that will determine your choice of controller.

An offer of games that only needs to expand

It is, for the moment, the point that disappoints, the SWITCH will not propose many games to its exit. However, this catalog is going to be enriched in the year with in particular the arrival of some very famous games like Skyrim unpublished on a console Nintendo.

We really hope that the manufacturer will succeed in making (re) come the third-party editors who had shunned the Wii U. Electronic Arts already announces a FIFA and 2K Sports, NBA 2K18 for September. Sports enthusiasts will be served. On the other hand, it remains disappointed that Capcom offers only a remake of Ultra Street Fighter 2 when the PS4 host StreetFighter V otherwise more impressive.

To date, the majority of games are from the Nintendo catalog and they allow to better understand the different functionalities of the SWITCH. SWITCH in particular is a compilation of small games which all put forward the joy-con, their different gyroscopic sensors and the vibrating motors which are of amazing precision. This may make you smile but feel like there are marbles in your joy-con, feeling them bumping together and having to count them is a small pleasure that lets glimpse of feelings of games very pleasant on more ambitious titles. This compilation is indeed in the line of Wii Play, although we would have liked that it was offered with the console, like Wii Sports.

Switch to SWITCH?

After several hours with the SWITCH, our verdict is multi-faceted. The console is a visual success. A beautiful object and endowed with a very sober design. The different options for using the console are appealing even though the ability to connect it to its television has left us a mixed feeling compared to the older generation of Nintendo Console.

Graphically the console does not reach the qualities of the PS4 and the Xbox One but remains very correct, especially if we take the last Zelda for reference. This comparison is somewhat distorted because the SWITCH is equipped with a (very good) screen and thus presents itself as a nomad console. A beautiful object that is positioned between the touch pad and the game console and can serve as a console lounge. A console with multiple faces that will, therefore, be more or less attractive according to the one that interests you.