Winter turns its nose! Yes, in winter our body needs a lot of warmth. We will finally be able to wear our favorite accessories. Winter plays a game of fantasy! Here are few must-haves for this season to shop from the sale before it gets freezing!


  • Scarves To Coil In!

The wool scarves! Trends like never before and fluffy at will. The scarves always go and with everything, inside as well as outside. Versatile and adaptable, they add value to any outfit. Extra wide and long models can also be worn as stoles. For this autumn-winter season 2017, scarves are structured, printed, ribbed, dyed and fringed. In 100% cashmere cozy, cashmere blend high quality or merino wool ultra-fine.


We love scarves, it’s no secret – everyone knows! And, we especially love printed scarves. Choose your favorite quality as we offer a wide range of natural colors- from cream to dark brown, or the trendy olive, pale pinks, lavender, camel to reds, yellow and peaches.


Caramel is, particularly in fashion. However, the shades of green-blue impart depth and alternation in the card fall-winter colors of ocean, a light blue tone to the petroleum blue shades such as seaweed and lake to the navy, an intense dark blue.

  • Hot-Fav: Jersey Shirts And Tops

Here two worlds meet: the cut and the treatment are inspired by noble shirts. The style is particularly feminine by the deep V-neck which results from the fluid front and which intersects the hem. The material, on the other hand, is very casual and reminiscent of streetwear t-shirts.

Deviled jersey that makes the effect

The particularity of this style is matter. The burnt effect jersey consists of a mixture of polyester fibers and viscose which are subjected to a chemical process to obtain the particular aspect of the devoured. Here, the viscose fibers are “burnt”, the polyester fibers are preserved.


The result is a semi-transparent appearance. By this technique, one can even “burn” motives. We have indeed printed a snake pattern on the burned effect, it looks particularly authentic and cool. 

Our Style Advice 

This shirt is easy to match because it goes with practically everything: a skinny pant, boot cut pants, elephant leg pants, bell-bottoms or even a skirt.


You can also combine a casual blazer, leather jacket or a cardigan, everything is possible.

  • Stroke Of Genius: The Boot Cut Or Elephant Jeans

The 1970s are back! And what was the must that was worn at that time? Exactly, it is the pants with elephant feet. At the time, the elephant’s feet were often not wide enough. In the current fashion, it is somewhat different. The wild 1970s appear to us in 2016 a little urbaner. The elephant paws lost in width of the hem and became boot cut, but your cool and feminine charm is preserved.


The slightly stretchy material is comfortable to wear and very comfortable. The boot cut jeans are absolutely rigid and adapt perfectly to your silhouette. The details come from the classics of jeans: pockets with double stitching, a yoke, and a zipper, rivets at the entrance to the pockets and a metal button.


Styles perfect for boot cut

  • The top that fits with a bootcut is easy to find.
  • To stay true to style, you can wear an embroidered blouse or a printed shirt for a hippie look.
  • But also a simple plain top is a perfect fit.
  • It can be a blouse, a top or a T-shirt, it just does not have to be too long not to widen the silhouette and make it unbalanced due to the wide hem of pants.
  • You can visually shorten the top by simply sliding it into the belt of your pants.
  • The effect is particularly cool when you have a T-shirt.


  • Combined with a lightweight pullover or blouse, this is the must-have item for spring!
  • You can also combine the bootcut jeans with a short cardigan or blazer or also add a mesh stole, simply casually laid over the shoulders.
  • Another must for your look is the high heel, preferably the boot heel with a light spirit of the 1970s.
  • They lengthen the legs and give your silhouette a nicely feminine appearance.

IT- Pieces: The Jacquard!

Without a cape, nothing goes this fall! Not only are the capes holding incredibly hot in these frenzied autumn days but they are also hyper fashion. If you wear it with narrow pants and body-ready or a dress up to the knees, you are at the top. And if you prefer arched outfits, wear it with a belt and make it your personal flagship look of autumn.


This autumn-winter season, you will find two resolutely trendy pieces in our collection. Rustic knitted pieces with a graphic jacquard pattern and a soft thread for a bohemian look. But how well to wear this country style when you are a city car?

To make sure you associate the cape in authentic bohemian style with skinny leather leggings. For a break of style, you can wear a top lingerie. The flare of lace top contrasts with the large mesh pattern. This mix of different materials and orientations of style makes your outfit particularly interesting and relaxed. It will be perfect with boots or boots and a wide hat to attract all eyes. During mid-season to fall, you can wear the cape as well as the cardigan in outdoor style – so you are sure to be noticed.

  • Our Fantasy Cardigans

Does it begin to be cooler outside? But it is precisely during this period of transition that one is happy to be able to leave still the big winter coat in the cupboard.  This season, we offer a large selection of chunky, long cardigan sweaters, mixed or blended with wool.


Modes and multiples range from short and square to long and bicolored. Refined structures and finishes like plated pockets make these fancy outerwear pieces that are particularly stylish.


Combine them with a scarf and a cashmere bonnet and you’re dressed to enter the fall. And when winter comes, you can always wear your favorite new clothes inside!

  • We love stoles

For the winter latest collection, we were inspired by the 1970s with all their facets – this is also reflected in form of summer stoles. Printed or just chic plain color opted, they turn up best so far! The result: a bit of batik, an interesting gradation of colors, glitter and above all, good humor!

Luxury Hippie to perfection

Printed stoles are made in modal or linen. The modal is soft and has a nice dropped smooth. The linen has more hold and an authentic look. A small fringed edge finishes all the stoles in a relaxed way. The different patterns bring something for all tastes. From the sequined print, to the small jewelry stones to the color gradations and the batik effects.


Style advice for printed stoles

  • The stoles look rather young and summery.
  • They do not belong or are dependent on any season.
  • You can wear stoles all year round.
  • Stoles are chic yet comfortable to carry.
  • They give a particularly relaxed effect with an oversized cotton shirt and jeans.
  • You can choose the pattern completely according to your desires and your mood.
  • The stoles are wonderfully generous by their cut.


  • This makes them nicely voluminous around the neck or else you can simply wear them loosely on the shoulders.
  • Our favorite item: the modal stole with an animal print and printed metal dots – the perfect mix.