Apple has launched the new version of its mobile OS. Overview of new products. Opening Apple apps and artificial intelligence are on the go!

IOS 10 is now available:

But all iPhone and iPad will not be entitled to it: it will have to have an iPhone 5 or a more recent model to enjoy. On the iPad side, the iPad 2, the first iPad Mini and the iPad 3 are not eligible.

List of iOS 10 new features: 

  • Siri, which also arrives on Mac OS Sierra (the new name of OS X), opens to third-party apps, as expected. Many apps should, therefore, be able to understand and receive orders from Apple’s wizard: Uber has been quoted, but also Slack or Skype and VoIP calls.

  • Apple Pay was to be launched in France “this summer”, and it has indeed arrived In the Hexagon in July. Apple Pay will make it possible to make purchases from the iPhone and Apple Watch via NFC. Another important novelty announced: Apple Pay will also be able to make purchases on the Web. Validation of the transaction can be done by fingerprint on the iPhone.

  • Siri will be able to make intelligent suggestions by guessing what will be entered on the keyboard, sending coordinates, taking into account the agenda or geo-location.

The Plans app will be entitled to a new design and a few new small features, but most importantly, the Plans app will also be open to third-party developers. What to add extensions, for example, to be able to make a reservation in a restaurant, or order a Uber.

  • It was also expected: a home- based app, based on Homekit, will arrive on the iOS 10 home screen, allowing it to control the connected objects of its connected home, within a single official app.
  • The functionality of written transcription of voice messages left on the answering machine will also be launched, in beta.

  • The lock screen will be redesigned, and notifications enriched. Rapid interactions with apps can be done from the lock screen via 3D Touch which has been extended. Again, the rumors had been right.
  • The iPhone can be woken up without touching any buttons: notifications will appear just because it has been lifted (Apple calls it “raise to wake”, which could be translated as “rising to wake it up”).

  • The photos will use deep learning to recognize the faces, places, and even the photographed objects: the photos will be classified and equipped with new search possibilities, much like what the Photos app already does on Android. Small video montages, with different types of music to choose from, can also be realized – Apple calls it “memories”.
  • Apple Music will be entitled to a new design, “clearer and simpler”. Small features are added, such as those giving access to “newly added” music or lyrics of a song.

  • Apple employees are having fun with the new iMessages, at the keynote presenting iOS 10. The Messages app will be able to support the rich links, and thus directly display the videos associated with the links sent for example.

Messages will also be open to developers. The app and iMessages sent can be enriched from the App Store, with stickers or apps (to send drawings or music). But iMessages on Android has not been announced.

  • The split screen mode happens on the iPad Safari.

  • Apple’s preinstalled apps, like the stock market app, can be deleted – and downloaded from the app store.
  • The IOS 10 will be able to take advantage of the camera of the iPhone 7 Plus and its dual sensor. A portrait mode will be proposed, allowing to blur a little decor to better highlight the sharpness of the portrait.

This “Bokeh effect” will not be limited to portraits, and will work for any photo. For now, the functionality is integrated with version 10.1 of iOS which has just been proposed in public beta.