Apple is all set to launch the next version of Iphone named the “Iphone 6”. After the release of Iphone 5S, there were lot of rumors and expectations about the Iphone 6. Finally Apple unveiled the release date, IPhone 6 will most likely be released on the 9th of September as per sources.

What’s new in Iphone 6:

The new Apple Iphone 6 will come up with two variants 5.5 and 4.7 inch screen and the larger 5.5 inch display smartphone will be called as Iphone 6L. When compared to the popular smartphones of other brands like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and few more. The previous release of Iphones had smaller screen size around 4 inches, since it is expected that the larger screen size of the new Iphone 6 would give bigger advantage to the consumers.

The camera features between two variants of Iphone 6 will have some changes. As per sources, the Iphone 6L will come with improved OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) built in technology that makes it different from Iphone 5S.

There will be a larger capacity battery of 2915mAh for Iphone 6L and the 4.7inch version will have only 1810mAh battery. Iphone 6 will also have a TouchID fingerprint sensor as in Iphone 5S.

There was another rumor about the Iphone 6 that will have an unbreakable sapphire glass for the screen, which is harder than Gorilla glass.

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