The release of a new iPhone has become the most crucial time of year for Apple. And, it is accustomed to success. The share of sales of the Apple iPhone continues to grow since its inception in June 2007: 12% in 2008, it increased to 66% in 2015. The success of the iPhone has allowed it to increase its turnover by six in the same period, from 38.9 billion to $ 235. Let’s see what the iPhone 7 has in the offing for us?

Technical details of the iPhone 7
The first-hand iPhone 7 and 7 plus are offered in 4.7-inch format for the first, and in 5.5 inches for the second.
Faster Processor: A10 chip
The new chip of the iPhone 7 will be called A10 Fusion. It will be 40% faster than the A9, two times faster than the A8. It features a quad-core processor. The other two play the card of efficiency, running at only one-fifth of their power to preserve the battery. The graphics card is it 240 times faster than the original iPhone. The chip etches fineness of only 10 nm. A thickness that will allow the manufacturer to place more transistors on the same surface and thus boost CPU power.


A dual camera sensor
iPhone 7 powers a dual camera sensor of 12 megapixels in its larger version. One wide angle and one telephoto to zoom with a simple tap on the photo taken. One photo sensor for the iPhone 7 will be equipped with a sensor of 12 megapixels, 60% faster. Apple has worked hard on image stabilization and flash. The device will also have a camera FaceTime HD 7 megapixels front.

Bluetooth headphones dubbed AirPods
Another rumor proved, the arrival of Bluetooth headphones with the iPhone 7. Sensors that detect the earphones are well embedded in your ears. It is possible to activate Siri with a double-tap. The headphones have a battery life of 5 hours and a charger will add 24 hours of music and more.


Two speakers
The iPhone 7 offers two speakers, one upstairs and one downstairs. They will be twice as powerful. As expected, Apple headphones will connect to the device via the Lightning EarPods jack. But an adapter will allow more “old school” to continue using their old earphones.

Home button replaced by technology Force Touch
Apple has removed the physical home button and ensures that the screen of iPhone 7 covers the entire apparatus, substituting the Home button Touch Force technology that has emerged with the arrival of the latest brand smartphones in the apple. The area that Touch ID button does not move, but the Taptic engine gives the impression of a click.

No Li-Fi to change the Wi-Fi
This wireless technology is based on the use of visible light, where the wireless transmitted via the radio part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It allows to increase the speed of delivery by 10 over conventional Wi-Fi.