Are you a fashionista? A stick-in-the-mud fan of trending styles and looks straight from the ramps? Here you go! At we bring you the best from around the world of fashion.  Yes you are not dreaming … The fashion trends winter 2016-2017 are already emerging. And every fashion addict arise THE question, what are we going to wear in winter? Fortunately, it is instant and we tell you a little about the style you adopt will need to be bang on trend fashion for autumn winter 2016-2017.


If you dream of a winter cocooning, fall fashion winter 2016 – 2017 is here to serve you.

This winter, fall fashion trends winter 2016 – 2017 are quite clear: stay warm, multiply layers and bundle up. The autumn winter fashion shows have already given us some ideas on to winter fashion items in 2017 adopted during Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016-2017. The opportunity for us to have an idea about what you will have to wear this festive season. To shop online, check out the hottest sale at

So, what are the fashion trends winter 2016 2017?


To paint the picture of autumn winter fashion trends, you could do it full of novelties. First, it “twists” of trends already in place. It revisits the gypsy style by bringing a touch of rock.

It carries the denim winter release. It carries flowers printed by mixing it with tiles.

We like to dress like boys and give our female wardrobes to add in a touch of masculine with XXL volume and shades of the fall.

What are the pieces fall fashion trend winter?

Some fashion items stand out to the radius of trends winter 2017 fashion.


  • This season, the leather dress will unquestionably one of the must autumn dresses to shop.
  • There will also be long, gauzy dresses, tutus of dancers and the return of transparency.
  • Dresses, coats, sweaters and tops, all the ups follow, in unison, the same trend: the shoulder play.Completely or partially exposed, shoulders, is the seduction No. 1 asset of next winter. The cautious play with layering.
  • Check out the side coats with hive hood, made up to volume.Skin or fleecy jacket, whatever the model, coat will XXL.
  • And for those who would not want to succumb to this trend, you have the army coats,khaki rights coats or heavy jackets officer who will go perfectly with the season.
  • Materials side, it will love the smooth velvet and lurex.
  • Side colors, this season, we love the pink and gold.The Navy, meanwhile, will be the new black.

For the rest, we leave you to discover our various folders with a decryption winter fashion trends, fashion tips and shopping selections made just for you!

Trending: The fall coat 

The coat in a little winter is your best partner. So, even out often, make sure to choose well. Parkas, duffle coats, trench coats, jackets and leather jackets, within that radius, you only have to choose from. What will be your indispensable season love coat? Well, with an array of traditional to contemporary designs available, we are sure you will have your pick soon.


As soon as temperatures drop, the urgency is to find THE good coat that will keep us warm all winter. In this department, as in others, there is something for everyone. From classic to the most original. Warmer with more temperate. Luxury coats cheap coats. For all styles, all budgets, for cautious and less cautious. In short: for everyone. But like all seasons as the fall fashion trends winter 2016-2017 cannot help but add their little grain of salt.

What will be essential to your wardrobe?

Overview of what we reserve coats autumn winter 2016-2017 trends.

  • The long coat 

It will be THE model of the season. No offense to the little that feel packed into this model. This winter, it’s decided: the coat requires us an androgynous silhouette. Gray, beige or burgundy, we love, so the right and long coat that one way door boy with straight jeans, too, and moccasins or derbies, par excellence.


  • Fluid trench


The fluid trench continues to rise after his success in the spring. Clearly, we prefer the worn jacket this season rather than winter. You can try to catch up with very big sweaters when temperatures start to drop. We saw at the ramps that the long fluid trench has clearly replaced the traditional trench, rigid and too conventional.

Fashion essential: to have coats 

It has become the MUST pick of the season. No fashion trend will undermine the parka. It is one of the special partners of our winters, and it’s essential. Hot enough to save us, stylish enough to make us sexy even in winter. And God knows that the challenge is much to bear. So it’s no surprise: LA parka is there in the top 5 coats trend autumn winter 2016-2017.


And because the coat fits all styles like the dresses according to every individual’s body type, here is a must list of the season:

  • The jackets (for chilly Max)
  • The faux fur jackets (for fashionistas)
  • The duffle coats (for classic)
  • The checked-coat (for those who dare to dare)
  • The sleeveless coats (for those who know how to play with overlays)
  • The suede jacket (for everyone)

Now that you are keyed on the autumn winter 2016-2017 trend coats, you just have to dig in our selection of coats for the winter in the hope that you will find your happiness.

Fall winter attention: Shirts 

This season, the shirt back in force. If this great basic already holds a special place in our dressing room, it rise in real trend in the autumn winter 2016-2017 collections. Colorful, printed, black or pure, the shirt is adopted in any version for the love of fall and winter.


And, ah, the shirt!


Sometimes classic, often sexy and rarely strict, the shirt is called a true timeless fashion. The kind of piece that grabs at random in her closet, to be sure to be stylish. Even when temperatures drop! For autumn winter, we love completely for thick or light shirts to wear with absolutely ANY wardrobe. So ready to adopt the feisty shirt trends?

Shirt: the trend patterns

In folders of this winter, we find all the fashion trends of the season. Plain or printed, high buttoned to wear according to your desires. To go for a bohemian, you can slip in and fly everywhere. They are found on every trend pieces, including the lovely winter shirts. The ascot collar is also honored, as the Peter Pan collar. Ideal for a romantic and feminine spirit, worn with mommy jeans and babies.


Another big trend, the shirt inspired by our pajamas. Usually in black or white with contrasting edges, it can be worn with chic fall/winter trendy skirts, jeans or chinos. In short, we love it already. Also, the plaid shirt is downright essential this year. And for those who prefer femininity, do not panic, the floral print is still present.

How to wear the shirt?

There is nothing simpler than a shirt that fits in with every outfit in any season. On the valley on a high waist jeans, it is fit in a pencil skirt, it is left ajar on a small tank top or chinos.  Shirt proves to be perfect in any coat or as jacket inner. Slip in and walk out in confidence!


This season, the shirt to be worshiped, is the buttoned to the neck. It is the small retail fashion that will make all the difference. Best of all, the shirt is worn day and night. To address the evening, go for a nice skirt, a pair of tights and of course, who can ditch heels? And, to complete the look, just add up accessories!