It is the newest wonder that Creo Parametric allows students to quickly and easily transform an idea into 3D models and then into a real product. With the help of this software package that makes reference in the industry, their creativity has no limits. They are then able to create and build any toy, a bicycle, a robot and even a space vehicle! With Creo, students have the same set of tools as our 28,000 customers around the world. They can create, test and build the products they have invented.


The tool and training 

Many applications of 3D CAD are more or less easy to use. This is one of their main disadvantages. Because it has a familiar user interface and intuitive controls that allow for a quick start, Creo does not have this difficulty. When combined with the educational programs developed for elementary and secondary school pupils, the start-up is quick: it takes only a few hours instead of several days.


The Creo product suite is not just a solid modeling application. It includes applications dedicated to the creation of 2D conceptual sketches, 2D schema design, 3D parametric and direct modeling, 3D visualization, animations, and simulations. Start today with your introduction to Creo and you will quickly realize that there is no limit to your creativity!

What about Creo View

Creo View is a lightweight and portable tool for sharing your CAD models. It is one of the best tools used by budding designers at institutes and studios. You can annotate parts and create view states and assembly diagrams using existing CAD data to convey a message and show your models.


Students with Creo View can examine products that are inaccessible from the classroom because of their size, cost, or physical constraints (spacecraft, plant cells, wonders of the world). In addition, displaying 3D models helps to understand the shape and functionality of a product, and to identify problems or opportunities to improve a design. There are numerous free templates to explore on the internet.

What is: K-12 Software Training 

PTC is committed to the advancement of students and educators in STEM disciplines through product development education. In order to support this advancement, PTC provides software training to support all of the available software to them. By achieving a technical competency with our software, students can achieve a competitive advantage just like our 28,000 customers.


The training exercises cover each of the products in multiple instructional formats and are designed for a wide range of skill levels.

PTC Mathcad for K12

PTC Mathcad Express is the free-for-life math software that helps us all keep a practical digital notebook. By taking advantage of its simple and easy to use interface, users can create a “smart” digital notebook that performs live calculations. Need to change a variable? Change it once and the remainder of the notebook will automatically update.


Download PTC Mathcad Express and request a product code to get additional access to capabilities such as:

  • Trigonometry: Symbolically, numerically, and visually handle trigonometric functions
  • Symbolic Algebra: Manipulate symbolic and numeric calculations in real time
  • 2D Plots: Visualize data, functions, and solutions

PTC Mathcad upon request

Using Creo View students can explore products that may not be accessible in the classroom because of its size, cost, or location (e.g. space ships, plant cells, or world wonders). In addition, viewing 3-D models is a way to understand a product’s form and function. There are many free models for you to explore.