So who isn’t up for the world cup cricket series? Haven’t you been hooked yet? We are sure you must be, but what is the excitement of watching it on the magnificent HD televisions is simply out of the world! Lasma, ACL, Ultra HD, 3D, “smart TV”, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, LG, Sharp? What are the TVs that are worth it? After testing 99 TVs from 22 to 70 inches: LCD display models and plasma screen, providing or not the functions “smart TV” and 3D. The new Ultra HD includes 19 vintage appliances, also called 4K technology, as well as a model OLED screen. The vast majority of the devices we tested provide a good or very good picture quality. However, depending on where you place your TV in the room, or the type of program you are watching, some models might suit you more than others.

Welcome to a new world to curved shapes. This tidal wave was triggered by the global leader Samsung, which launched its first curved models there one year. Buyers shunned innovations such as 3D or “HD TV” connected, but the screens are spectacular and seductive curves. The other big change is the fall in prices of “UHD”, the ultra-high definition, or “4K”; these screens give images four times more accurate than the current “Full HD” high definition.

In reality, this standard is still very useful, since the TV channels are in HD, as Blu-ray players have not yet evolved to the UHD and TNT will not pass to the UHD before long, if ever. Video game fans will enjoy it now but, aside programs, only the Netflix video service it is placed. Bouygues promises that his new box will be compatible UHD Miami, but he will be subscribed to the fiber to take this ultra-quality: a simple ADSL connection cannot ensure sufficient flow to images.

Yet this lack of content, which is likely to continue, do not brake manufacturers: they include in their televisions software that transforms HD images UHD images. Be careful though the novelty: the same price, you better invest in a good HD model rather than the UHD discount. Haven’t you yet bought the HD series? Why are you still twiddling those thumbs there? Get up and place your order for any of these spectacular range:

Sony bravia

This is a design that stands out, designed to showcase the strength of this high-end device: excellent sound. Four speakers surrounding the screen placed on a pyramidal base. Sophisticated image processing allow to obtain bright colors.


All Samsung technologies have been combined in this UHD model who wants to give a perfect image and accentuated contrasts. It has a retractable camera that driver by hand or voice, connectivity and placed in a separate screen enclosure: This solution will track technical developments dissemination


This TV incorporates a 2.1 sound bar, including a good bass drum. He is best with an Android software that opens up the world of applications and games. He is transformed into a giant living room shelf. It has an integrated webcam, retractable.


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