For its first high-end smartphone, the Chinese brand Lenovo did not do things half by proposing a product that will not rely on aesthetics but on its features. Indeed, the Lenovo Moto Z will attract the eye because of its modular nature thanks to different Moto mods that can be grafted on its hull to improve its capabilities.

At our disposal, we have 2 different Moto mods: the mod Hasselblad photo and the mod Power Pack, which we will analyze later. The Lenovo Moto Z also comes with a user manual, a USB charger type C (no USB port, a very surprising and strange choice on the part of Lenovo), headphones, a USB adapter Type- C / Jack and a simple back shell in fabric.

Discover the design

Lenovo Moto Z sports a sober design, without too much madness but rounded and thin and smooth slices. Without a shell or mod, the smartphone will not be pleasant to hold in hand because of a rear edge too tapered but once it’s behind covered by the shell provided, one will be more allured by its comfort in the hand and its lightness.

This soft-touch fabric shell will have the advantage of not keeping fingerprints (unlike its glass front) but will attract dust. The Photo Mod will not necessarily be practical for use of the phone other than the photo but the mod Power Pack will have the advantage not to hinder more than that the grip of the phone despite an already more significant weight. Note the ease of hooking mods and the hull thanks to an ingenious magnetic system!

Let’s talk about the interface quickly!

The latter remains true to Marshmallow 6.0, i.e. clean and easy to use, between the button Shortcut always practical and the various lateral windows within which one can organize its applications as desired. The Moto Z is very reactive in terms of navigation and multitasking with its 4 GB of RAM and its Snapdragon 820 Quad Core at 1.8 GHz!

As for the sound: the Lenovo Moto Z does not go wrong and offers a powerful sound and notably the voice. On the other hand, the basses are to be forgotten but the whole remains very correct. For the sound on the helmet, since the Moto Z does not have a Jack port, it is necessary to connect its headset to the supplied adapter, which means that you must not lose the headset if you do not have a Bluetooth audio device but also Choose between listening to his favorite title or reloading his device, which is impractical. However, in this way, the sound is very good and very satisfactory.

As for video games: the user has no worries to do! The Moto Z will not suffer from any slowdown as much on greedy games as less greedy. A real treat for video games as this Lenovo Moto Z! Here, the game Real Racing has remained as fluid as ever.

Let’s talk about mods!

These are really the added value of this smartphone, Lenovo offering a very simple way to enjoy the new performance. The Moto Z displays a much more practical and intelligent concept of its mods by their magnetic and easy integration on the “Back” of the smartphone.

Regarding the Photo: the Moto Z will do very well at high brightness as much on its 13 MP photo sensor as with the integrated Hasselblad Photo Mod. On the other hand, the latter will be almost impossible to circumvent for its zoom of far more qualitative than that (very average!) Of the simple photo sensor. Look at it.

The Hasselblad mod

One thing that can confuse at first on the Lenovo Moto Z is the location of the fingerprint reader, located at the bottom of the front like a Home button from Apple. Thus, one will be tempted many times to press this button to return to the reception before being aware of its error. A location on the back of the camera would have been better in my opinion. One-hand access to the On / Off and Volume +/- buttons is easy despite the fact that you sometimes have difficulty pressing them accurately.

With a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and an AMOLED slab, the image quality of the Lenovo Moto Z will, of course, be there, with very rich contrasts. The colors will remain faithful and the blacks will remain very deep, reinforcing the realism of the images.

Zoom of the Hasselblad mod

In the nocturnal mode, the simple photo sensor of the Moto Z will be rather disappointing, the image being strongly degraded by grain, while the Photo Hasselblad mod will again be noticed for a greater realism of the colors and a greater clarity of the details, with a slightly present grain all the same.

Nocturnal photo of the Hasselblad mod

The Mod Power Pack, on the other hand, adds an extra battery to your Moto Z as soon as the latter begins to run out of juice by reloading it as you go. Thus, after having grafted it to the Moto Z once the latter almost emptied of its energy, the mod (loaded of course 100 %!) has actually made it possible to make continuous in video display the battery of the smartphone almost 3 hours with the recharging and about 7 hours more after the mod removed, or almost 10 hours more in intensive use.

The Lenovo Moto Z battery: runs easily a day and a half on a low-powered use of its features. With more intensive use, especially in the continuous video viewing, the Moto Z is able to hold close to 9 pm, a reasonable score. By counting the 10 extra hours offered by the Power Pack, we arrive at a level of autonomy very, very comfortable for the greediest of you! A short note on the charging time of the Moto Z: almost 1 hours and 25 minutes are required thanks to its fast charging technology.

Without its mods, the Lenovo Moto Z is already a solid smartphone of high quality, with very good Multimedia performance and high image quality. However, with mods boosting its capabilities, this is where the Lenovo Moto Z really gets interesting and goes further than the LG G5 in the concept.

What We liked:

  • Its comfort in the hand and its lightness once the hull back placed.
  • Its image quality very, very seductive.
  • Its high fluidity.
  • Its very good performances Multimedia (video games).
  • The ease of integration of mods directly on the back of the smartphone.
  • Mods that significantly improve the performance of the smartphone in photo and autonomy.
  • Beautiful photos with high brightness, even without the mod.
  • Its autonomy in use little greedy, even without the mod.