The 8 Pro is a sort of mysterious territory for Honor: it is a premium phablet, with features to blush. Double camera? Yep. A super-fast processor? Naturally. And the screen? A 5.7 “QHD will do, thank you very much. Except that there is no need to pay astronomical sums.

It has a rather impressive battery of 4000 mAh, so it should largely hold a whole day, even with heavy use.

Design and Materials

The 8 Pro takes on many aspects of last year’s Honor 8 design, which should not be a surprise given its name. It has rounded edges, front, glass, hangs the light, and is very thin, although it still remains a big phone because of its 5.7 “screen. At the back, no glass, but brushed metal, again in a superb blue, but it is not as beautiful as the iridescent blue of the first version. The metal is also probably a little more resistant to falls, that’s for sure, especially if you’re the kind of pots with your smartphones.

As was the case with Honor 8, the fingerprint scanner is on the back, but it is placed a little too high so that it can be reached without having to adapt the grip in hand. It is a shame since it also serves as a sensor to open the notifications bar, so we would have liked to have it at hand. It is also very reactive: to unlock your phone, you need only touch it.

The jack, loudspeaker and USB-C port are located at the bottom of the phone, allowing you to have a sleek effect on the sides and top. That’s really great, Honor. The loudspeaker is powerful enough for Youtube videos and other viral quirks from Facebook, but only if you do not block it with your hands when you hold it.


The 5.7 ” screen leaves a lot of room for pixels, and Honor has let go: the 8 Pro has a screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, a first for the brand. Of the 1080p, so the QHD is fun. It is quite detailed for photos and videos, and it is bright enough to see what is on the screen even on a sunny day.

It is an LCD screen, which means that the dark colors and blacks will not be as deep as with an AMOLED screen and that the contrasts will not be as marked. You will find hardly better for less. However, the front of the phone is incredibly reflective. Hold it in the wrong position, and you will see nothing but the reflections of the lights above your head.

For night vision, Honor released a new version of the “eyecare” mode. It disables the blue lights, so you can fall asleep even if you have spent your evening on Youtube. You can also program it, so you do not have to activate it every night.

Performance And life

With its Kirin 960 processor, the Honor 8 Pro is a real beast of competition. If you do not know the latest Huawei processor, this is an octa-core chip, which is also found on the Huawei P10, the P10 Plus and the Mate 9: 3 flagships at exorbitant prices. Coupled with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage space (it also has a slot for microSD cards, in case), the Honor 8 Pro has no complex to deal with other smartphones. It is super-fast to navigate between the screens of welcome filled with a widget of Android, to launch the apps, and one can play games demanding without worries. You will not run out of power with this smartphone, for sure.

Even better: it has a battery of 4000 mAh in order to hold the blow. It can hold almost 2 full days. It’s great for long weekends during which you do not necessarily have access to an electrical outlet. Even better: the QuickCharge USB-C port allows you to recharge your battery in a few hours, and it will recharge enough to hold an entire afternoon in just 30 minutes.


The dual cameras are clearly in vogue in 2017: expect to see them everywhere, not just on the flagships. The Honor 8 is a good example: it has two 12 MP lenses with an aperture of f / 2.2, both of which are at the same level as the hull of the phone. Both lenses are protected by an aluminum-reinforced glass, which also hides the autofocus laser.

With a lens taking care of black and white and the other colors, you can take pictures in low light with a lot of detail. It is not as effective as the Huawei P10 Plus, but your photos will be natural. There is also a black and white mode (which was badly lacking in Honor 8, which required you to use a filter instead of letting you use the monochromatic lens). The results are not as good as with the Huawei P10 Plus, there are far fewer details, but you will only realize if you zoom in beyond 100%.

There is also a wide-angle mode, so you can achieve superb bokeh and give depth of field to your photos. The results will be similar to those of a Reflex camera. Now it’s faster: the Honor 8 Pro is faster to open the camera, the focus is faster, and the backup of your photos is also faster than on the Honor 8.


Equipped with Android 7 Nougat and the EMUI interface of Huawei, the Honor 8 Pro is at the top of the updates. You will benefit from the split screen mode for apps, battery saver mode and new notifications presentation, as well as software changes from Honor.

It may take some time to get used to EMUI, but it is surprisingly flexible if you like to customize your phone. When you turn it on for the first time, all the apps will appear on the home screen (like Apple), but you can quite go in the settings to find the way Android.

There are shortcuts everywhere. When you swipe up and your smartphone is locked, a folder opens and you can easily access the flashlight, calculator, and voice recorder. When you make a swipe down, it is the notifications bar that opens as well as the shortcuts settings.

There are also many apps preinstalled. Fortunately, you can uninstall some and hide the rest without having to download a new launcher. The icons are not very pretty, but you can easily find an app to replace them in the Google Play Store.


The Honor 8 Pro is an impressive phablet. It is really very powerful thanks to its processor Kirin, to its big battery, and it has 2 cameras. We also applaud its larger screen and beautiful design (especially if you take it blue) and it is not difficult to understand. It is great and that, it is cheaper. Objectively, the camera is really good, and the battery life is also above average. The Honor 8 Pro is about to become our favorite phablet.