The G4 offers a bold choice in terms of design, especially with the leather option rather aesthetic. Fortunately, the removable battery, storable storage, and the very advanced photo functions go up the bar. As for the curved screen, it is finally quite insignificant.

LG finally unveiled its new high-end device a few months later. And for good reason, the Korean manufacturer wanted to mark the blow and not be robbed the spotlight. With the G4, LG wants to distinguish itself from the competition, not by stereo speakers (HTC), a screen on the edges (Samsung) or a wooden back (Motorola), but leather, real. But besides this aesthetic choice, what is really worth the new LG G4?


  1. Online search for contacts

Once you are in the contacts section, press the menu button in the right corner. Go to Settings, where you can add a feature that is unique. For example, if you have a Microsoft Exchange user and there are hundreds of contacts within your business, you can search and find the one that suits you from the comfort of your phone. Very good is not it? For business customers, it still can do better.


  1. Improve call quality

When you are in the call log, click the three buttons dotted in the right corner. Go to call the settings and then scroll and rotate on removing the noise and clarity of the voice. For some reason, they are not enabled by default. By turning these two features, you can improve the quality of the voice dramatically.


  1. Save messages to the microSD card

This function is very useful when thinking about the future. Let’s be honest, chances are you’re going to get a new phone in two years. Many people miss their text messages when they switch phones, and this feature helps with this.

While in the text message application, open Settings, go to General Settings and then enable the “Save messages to SD card” function. Once you turn on the phone, all your text messages will be transferred, as long as you use the same SD card.


  1. Manage applications and notifications

Many applications we install can sometimes be irritating with multiple notifications during the day. This can also happen while you browse the Internet or play your favorite video game. The LG G4 lets you choose which applications are allowed to inform you and which are not.

To manage it, go to General Settings, then scroll down until you get to the application settings and click App Notifications. You will see a list with all your applications installed. If it is an application that you want to disable notifications, you can do so. Click the application and click Disable notifications.


  1. Lock your photos and memos

There are always things that people should not see on your phone. And let’s face it; The odds, someone browsing your photos, are high. But the LG G4 offers a unique way of securing your private photos and memos.


Go to Settings, and enter the Security Settings menu. At the top of the menu, you will see “Content Lock”. With this feature, you can lock your photos and memos with either a pattern or a password.

Should we crack for the LG G4?

If the LG G3 did not have immediate success, it quickly established itself in the mid-range market after a drastic price decrease. The high-end 2014 has finally become the best mid-range of last year. Yet, with the G4, LG wants to reconnect with luxury, especially through a design for the less daring and extensive photo features.


Yes, for its original design

Like Motorola with its Motorcycle X, LG decided to play the originality card with its new high-end model. Exit, therefore, the plastic, the aluminum or the glass, the Korean manufacturer proposes a back all leather for its G4.


Three colors are available: camel, black or burgundy. Note that it is also available in gray or white plastic version and that the leather version costs 50 euros extra to the addition. We had the opportunity to test the smartphone with its leather tanned leather back.

If Motorola has already initiated the smartphone with leather back on his Moto X, it is clear that LG is doing much better. The Asian manufacturer has decided to include a stitching over the entire length of the smartphone, thus making it possible to highlight the material used. For its part, Motorola had opted for a simple leather placed on the back.

Apart from its rear facade, however, the design of the LG G4 does not differ fundamentally from the G3. There are the volume and power buttons on the back, the same position for the jacks and buttons, and even a speaker on the back of the smartphone. However, it is possible to note less rounded corners than on the G3, as well as a larger format.


The smartphone proposes a thickness of 9.8 mm, against 9.1 for the G3, and a length of 148.9 mm, Against 145.5 mm for its predecessor. Dimensions that are difficult to explain while the two devices have a screen of the same size with 5.5 inches diagonal. Note also that with such a format, the smartphone is reserved for two-handed use.

Despite its leather back, the G4 keeps one of the main arguments of the G3 in the eyes of some: its removable rear face. A practical choice for changing batteries, for example. We simply regret that it is necessary to remove the battery in order to integrate a SIM card (in micro format and not nano) or microSD card.

Not for its disappointing performances

As a successor to the LG G3, the G4 becomes the new high-end smartphone from LG.  In terms of components, the LG G4 is only equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 hexacore SoC, clocked at 1.44 GHz. If it is available since the third quarter of 2014, it is not the most powerful chip of Qualcomm equipped with the Snapdragon 810, the Last model of Qualcomm, equip with 8 cores.