A Solid Foundation, an Impressive Smartphone


With the LG G4, the Korean manufacturer is back on the front stage. After an excellent G3 had convinced us, its successor has done with a more fierce competition than ever. The Galaxy S6 HTC One M9 and other Huawei P8 have been there, with power, premium materials and a high-end positioning. The G4 yet happens to improve the LG formula and put themselves at the top?

Review of the LG G4

The test begins with the data sheet. Unsurprisingly, embedded components are of the highest caliber. LG renews the screen 5.5-inch Quad HD G3 and improve the display quality, we will see that a little lower in the “Screen”. However, no Snapdragon 810 as we have seen in the LG G Flex 2. Indeed, problems of heat led LG to use the Snapdragon 808, still at Qualcomm, but the fingers that burn less. The 16-megapixel autofocus camera ships laser, a stabilizer OIS and an aperture f / 1.8! The battery is the same capacity as that of the G3, namely 3000 mAh, no progress on capacity, so.


Design: Leather and curves


We had the chance to receive the LG G4 in its leather version color “camel”, but there are also versions with a plastic back that are probably less “premium”. Let’s start with the front of the phone. Its 5.5 inches screen occupies 72.4% of the total area, slightly less than the G3. LG G4 also won in width and height, but it is content.


  • LG remains one of the best manufacturers in terms of size ratio / screen.
  • Buttons under the screen, simply the LG logo.
  • Above, the speaker for calls, the front camera of 8 megapixels and proximity sensors and light.
  • The leather version gives a strong impression.It is very pleasant to the touch, it does not slip and does not mark the fingerprints. It’s also fun to watch with some thoughtful details such as seams that are centered from top to bottom of the hull, on the axis of the camera. It has not moved, it is centered with just below the volume control buttons that can be used as shortcut to the camera and the power button.
  • On the right, double LED flash and left the laser autofocus that allows an update almost instantaneous point even in difficult lighting conditions.
  • In the lower right corner is the “G4” mention in embossed leather, a nice effect.
  • On the left a gap to let the sound of the speaker.


Benchmarks and performance Snapdragon 808


Is the LG G4 a powerful smartphone? Yes, definitely (Julien Courbet has an LG G4). If you care to see a Snapdragon 808 and not 810, rest assured, the difference is far from being huge in performance. The 810 was rejected for its heating and excessive consumption. The latter works with four A53 cores and four A57 cores. When the temperature becomes too high, it stops two of its hearts A57, which ultimately amounts to the operation of Snapdragon 808 with 6 cores at full speed.


In game Real Racing 3, no slowdown to lament with a constant average of 35 frames per second on a 30-minute session. That is enough to comfortably play any Android play. As you can see on Gamebench, the GPU is running close to full capacity, 93% capacity. The CPU is it 16%, with 700 Mb of memory used. The smartphone logically heated after the game session, but the heat did not seem excessive with leather shell that seems to dissipate. The Snapdragon 808 therefore offers very good performance.


Interface: classic LG UX on Lollipop


LG plays the change in continuity. Understand that the interface of the LG G4 does not fundamentally change compared to the G3. We go from KitKat to Lollipop with the latest version of the LG UX 4.0 interface. It is always possible to turn on and off the screen by double tapping it with your finger (yes, not with a mass). It is also from the off screen display icons in the top bar and the time and date. Simply slide your finger from top to bottom of the screen. Convenient.

  • The flat design that is characterized by simple, colorful shapes, is quite refined.
  • Lollipop also brings new management reporting, including from the home screen.
  • Smart Notice widget by default on the home page (you can of course remove it).It displays all the important information on your calendar, your Facebook friends or the state of your LG G4.
  • On the left office, the “Smart Bulletin” page which provides an overview of several applications on your smartphone via stream.This ranges from the LG Application Health via the music player, the events in your diary or advice on how to use the phone, for example.

Audio: big sound on the LG G4?


  • Since we talk about music, let’s check out the audio qualities of this LG G4.
  • First, it comes with in-ear headphones that are of good quality.They can also use hands-free.
  • The 3.5mm headphone jack is not suffering from any defects and sending enough power to never have to put on headphones at maximum.The record is clear, precise and powerful if necessary.
  • In the Music app, you have an audio equalizer with pre-recorded settings, but you can also choose a totally customized mode.It is also possible to change the tone and speed reading. The most advanced is that you enjoy playing with these options.
  • When we pass to the speakers, it is a little worse, but it is quite correct.
  • Power is at the rendezvous, but do not push too without distorting the sound.Again, the rear placement is not ideal when holding its G4 horizontally to play or watch a video.
  • Hard to do better than the front speakers.

With the LG G4, you can call!

The LG G4 is one microSIM slot. Everything works fine, call quality is there, hangs network is fast, 4G Category 6 up to 300 Mb / s is supported.

A camera at the top?

The LG G4 comes with very solid image sensor. Compared with G3, a significant improvement is noted. We spend 13 to 16 megapixels and an f / 2.2 to f / 1.8. Photos can now be saved in RAW for greater freedom at the touch. A photo in JPEG format is always maintained in parallel for a version with less weight and therefore easier to share.

A comprehensive photo application


The application is both complete and accessible. Three display formats are available: simple, basic and manual. Once in the latter mode, most experts and hackers of you will be delighted to see they have great leeway in photos options. You will be able to adjust the color temperature, focus, aperture, or ISO. For those to whom it does not speak worry, in automatic mode the photos are already of excellent quality, as you’ll see right away!

Great pictures

We will not beat around the bush, the LG G4 has one of the best image sensors market, alongside the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 4. We start with the development and execution speed. With its laser autofocus, the focus is almost instantaneous, even at night. The capture is also very fast and selective focus is very easily by pressing the screen to choose her. Blur automatically apply if the background is far enough away from the main subject.


Good battery life, but slow recharge


Like the older LG G3, the LG G4 loads a battery of 3000 mAh. We would have liked an enhanced ability, but it will do with it. The Korean manufacturer has improved the energy consumption of its Quad HD display, but the SoC gains in power and also consumes energy. You can see in the end; a good battery life of between one and two days maximum to your uses. The LG G4 was less enduring in YouTube video playback.