LG created the surprise by managing to steal the spotlight to Samsung and its Galaxy S7. Its new flagship, the G5 is as powerful as its innovation and has won many awards including the Best of the Best award.

A metal hull

With its all-metal shell, the G5 is by far the most luxurious smartphone ever designed by LG. This aesthetic choice places it directly in competition with Samsung and Apple. The Korean enters the court of the great.

A removable battery

LG has distinguished from its main rivals in the high-end market thanks to the removable battery of the G5. The smartphone boasts an impressive battery of 2800 mAh, sufficient for a full day of ordinary use. For intensive use, however, it is possible to carry one or more additional batteries with you in order to never run out of energy.

Expandable memory

presence of a MicroSD port makes it possible to extend the internal memory at will. A 128GB card will provide ample storage space for even the most demanding users. Thanks to Android Marshmallow, it is also possible to format these cards to store even the native applications.

A powerful machine

The LG G5 does not have to blush against the most powerful devices on the market. It embeds the latest generation Snapdragon 820 processor coupled with 4GB of RAM and runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Its 5.3-inch AMOLED QHD display is also a shocking argument for raw power lovers.


The main strength of the G5 is, of course, its modular compatibility. This unique feature makes it possible to connect different accessories to transform the smartphone and increase its autonomy. The CAM-Plus makes it possible to transform it into a true digital camera, while the HiFi Plus makes it a high-quality audio player. Other modules will be commercialized over time.

The always-On screen

The G5 shares this functionality with the Samsung Galaxy S7. Always-On technology allows you to permanently display notifications and time even when the screen is on standby. This system has virtually no battery power.

A Dual-Sensor Camera- Olympus Digital Camera

The G5 backplane camera has two sensors. One of 16 MP, and the other of 8 MP. This allows you to capture images with a “super wide” angle of 130 degree. This is a first in the smartphone market, which should delight lovers of photography and videographers.

And, now the grand LG G6!              

Last year in 2016, LG wanted to play the innovation card by presenting the G5, a unique modular smartphone. Unfortunately, originality has not been enough to attract the general public and the smartphone has relatively poorly sold. This year, as part of the MWC 2017, LG returns to the basics with the LG L6, a simple and effective smartphone that does not do in fantasy.

To put it simply, the G6 seems to be a smartphone that responds directly to the expectations of consumers. So it looks like a small phone with a 5.7-inch QHD screen virtually devoid of borders. In fact, despite the size of its screen, the device looks smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus or the Google Pixel XL.

A full-vision screen separable into two perfect squares

The 18: 9 ratio, which also helps to make the screen larger, also allows to divide the image into two perfect squares. This is an important point because LG has redesigned the UX 6.0 interface in relation to this specificity.

For example, in the Contacts application, the top half of the screen is a photo, and the bottom half is the contact information. Apart from the Google Pixel, the G6 is also the first smartphone to ship the famous Google Wizard.

The operating system is Android 7.1 Nougat

This smartphone features a dual lens back camera: a wide-angle lens, and a classic lens. It is thus possible to perform an optical zoom without losing image quality. These two sensors have a power of 13 MP.

The G6 is waterproof IP-68, and its metal shell is strong enough to withstand many falls. Under the hood, there is a Snapdragon 821 processor coupled with 4GB of RAM. The 3300 mAh battery ensures good battery life and easily recharges wirelessly on any compatible pad. Wireless charging is unfortunately reserved for the USA. However, 30 minutes is enough to recharge the battery to 50% via the USB-C port. LG promises that autonomy will not diminish over time.

LG G6, the revenge of LG

This new flagship is without a doubt proof that LG G6 is a firm that learns from its mistakes. The manufacturer realized that a smartphone well designed and refined in the extreme is better than an experimental, innovative but imperfect apparatus. Admittedly, the G6 must now face the armada of Android smartphones front-end. It is in the same category as dozens, even hundreds of smartphones often cheaper, and sometimes endowed with a similar power.

However, following the scandal of the Galaxy Note 7 explosions, Samsung’s reputation is greatly weakened. This is the time or never for LG to impose itself, in the eyes of the general public, as the most reliable Android manufacturer. By 2016, the firm had no choice but to try to differentiate itself from its compatriot.

Some people will regret the lack of innovation offered by this phone. However, this conformity reflects the current state of the mobile industry. The smartphone market has reached an unprecedented scale, and the issue has become too important to take risks. Rather than investing in R & D, LG preferred to spend its money on marketing. The future will tell if this strategy is really relevant.