Successful to the G5 and now waterproof, the LG G6 smartphone is equipped with a large screen QHD 5.7 inches format 18: 9.Operating with Android 7.1, it embeds the Snapdragon 821 processor with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. It has 2 photo sensors…

Forgot the modular G5 unconvincing of last year. In 2017 LG plans to be back on the spot with its new high-end smartphone, the G6. A model with the big and beautiful screen that has reserved a surprise to us in the photo, a sector usually dominated by Samsung.


The LG G6 was presented at the 2017 Mobile World Congress and is now official! It is a unique smartphone featuring a 5.7-inch screen in a format always contained at 5.2 inches, with an 18: 9 ratio inspired by movies. It also features a dual photo sensor and IP68 certification to dominate on all fronts.

The Korean manufacturer LG did not have the best year in its history in 2016. Introducing its LG G5 and its modular concept, it failed to capture the attention of the market and dug up the finances of its mobile division. A phone that inquires to meet the demands of many users questioned about their vision of the perfect smartphone.

LG G6: technical form

  • Screen: 5.7 inches IPS LCD “Fullvision” 18: 9th Resolution Quad HD 2880 × 1440
  • Processor: Snapdragon 821
  • RAM: 4 go
  • Front sensor: 5-megapixel wide-angle 100 ° F2.2
  • Rear sensor: 13 megapixel sensor 71 ° F1.8 + 13 megapixel wide-angle sensor 125 ° F2.4
  • Storage: 32/64 go + micro SD
  • Battery: 3300 mAh
  • Security: rear fingerprint sensor
  • Audio: Quad Dc
  • Certification: IP68
  • OS: Android 7.1 Marshmallow + Overlay
  • Weight: 163 grams
  • Dimension: 148.9 x 71.9 x 7.9 mm
  • Color: black, blue and white


LG G6: design

The first point on which LG has worked a lot is the design of its LG G6. The brand had been sharply criticized for its LG G5, accused of resembling a prototype more than anything else. The modularity was also badly received by the general public even though the press welcomed the originality of the concept.

With its LG G6 Korean returns to a more classic concept but with far more upscale finishes. The company has incorporated a metal shell covered with a layer of glass. You can always find the fingerprint reader on the back with the dual photo sensor at the top.

But where LG has achieved a real feat, it is the perfect integration of its screen to the design of the LG G6. The screen perfectly matches the contours of the smartphone. Whether you like it or not, you have to admit that it is a marvel of engineering.

LG G6: screen

The big star of this new smartphone is none other than 5.7 inches, which has an 18: 9 ratio allowing it to split into two perfect squares, and is perfect for movie standards. Thanks to the new design of the all-metal phone, the device integrates this large screen into a form that remains usable with one hand and is close to those used by 5.2-inch smartphones.  The screen itself is an IPS LCD, but it supports Dolby Vision and HDR 10 standards for even more stunning images and perfect contrast.

Its all-metal design has been designed to be stylish, with a body and a rounded screen, while guaranteeing superior resistance to shocks. The IP68 certification also allows it to withstand water and dust.

LG G6: interface

The Korean manufacturer explains that this type of interface is also perfect in one hand use only in advanced use. The biggest change that can be noticed concerns the camera. Thanks to the 18: 9 ratio, the phone can take square pictures perfectly optimized for social networks like Instagram, while seeing the bottom of the interface the result of its shots.

That’s not all, as Google Assistant is also part of the formula for this new LG now. Indeed, Google has confirmed the release of its virtual assistant boosted to artificial intelligence on the smartphone. However, the French language has still not been deployed.

LG G6: photo quality

Like the LG G6 then the LG V20 after him, the LG G6 incorporates a dual photo sensor with a conventional 13mp sensor and a 13mp wide-angle sensor up to 125 degrees C. When zooming, the phone switches from one sensor to another to create a lossless zoom.

It is also able to use this feature by recording a video in 4K. It uses the power of the Snapdragon 821 and its video processor to correct the slightest problem of stability in the capture.  The builder offers a photo experience allowing you to create amusing captures, such as merging two photos into one and making frames with multiple photos perfect for social networks. The color rendering is pretty good with a lot of detail. In low light, the results are also very seductive for the moment.

One of the best cameras according to DxOMark16 COM’S

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With the G6, LG follows the trend initiated by the iPhone 7 by proposing a camera with the dual sensor. The latter is based on two 13 MP Sony IMX258 sensors. One is designed as a wide-angle camera with a quick opening to F1.8 and a 3-axis image stabilizer, and the second as a very wide angle camera with a slightly slower aperture at F2.4.