The all new LG G6 relies on an uncompromising design and an impressive borderless screen in 18: 9 format. Let’s start with the technical features of the LG G6 which places it directly as one of the best equipped smartphones of the beginning of 2017.

Its 5.7-inch IPS screen occupies 78.6% of the total surface, enabling it to reach the bulkiness of a mobile about 5.2 inches. The surprising definition of 2880 x 1440 pixels is explained by the extended 18: 9 aspect ratio of the screen.

LG has chosen a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, accompanied by 4 GB. The 13 megapixel dual photo sensor (including a wide-angle) and the 3300 mAh battery complement a solid technical data sheet.

LG G6: Design and Exquisite Finishes


The design of the LG G6 does not leave indifferent. The “wow” effect of the screen with minimal borders is really successful. The space is perfectly optimized to bring out the slab.

Only the LG logo is placed on the bottom of the screen. Above, the 5-megapixel front camera, the various sensors and the loudspeaker for calls hold in a pocket handkerchief.

The glass back with Gorilla Glass 5 protector perfectly matches the aluminum shell, offering high quality finishes very pleasant. The placement of the dual photo sensor takes again that of the G5, with the double LED flash between the two “eyes” of the phone. The power button just below it also acts as a fingerprint reader that falls perfectly under your finger, whether you are right-handed or left-handed.

On the right is the single hatch that hides one slot for the nanoSIM card and another one for a microSD.

The 3.5 mm headphone jack is always present on the upper slice at the sides of the first microphone and two bands for the network waves. The lower slot accommodates the second microphone, the USB-C port and the single mono speaker. A beautiful design, exemplary finishes, and an excellent grip, the LG G6 imposes its style!


LG G6: a beautiful borderless screen

The LG G6 pays the luxury of having a diagonal screen size of 5.7 inches in a format equivalent to a 5.2 inch smartphone, tacking quite a few competitors in terms of format.

The slab does not reflect too much light and the contrast is very good, without reaching the level of the AMOLED on this point. The color temperature is not perfect, but you will be able to adjust it.

On the other hand, it does not understand the choice of protection Gorilla Glass 3 for the screen, while LG made the choice of Gorilla Glass 5 to protect the back shell of the G6. The Always On Display mode is very useful for displaying the time, date, battery percentage and applications sending you notifications without having to unlock the phone.


LG G6: Benchmarks And Performance

We are surely at a turning point in terms of performance on smartphones. The LG G6 made the choice of Snapdragon 821 released last year not to have to wait for the S835. There is no problem in terms of performance. The SoC with 4 GB of RAM is able to perform all tasks without any problems, with exemplary responsiveness.

3D games do not frighten the Adreno 530 GPU which has already proved its worth in many other products.


LG G6: An Intelligent Interface

The LG G6 comes with Android 7.0 Nougat accompanied by the home interface of the Korean brand. Customization is the master word with many options that really allow you to customize the interface for your use.

This ranges from the ability to add a button to the application launcher, the choice of navigation keys to display, the size of the icons or a complete graphical change thanks to the proposed themes.

Multitasking is probably one of the most interesting aspects in that it allows you to enjoy the 18: 9 screen that is particularly generous when it comes to displaying two applications side by side when you hold the LG G6 horizontally.

LG G6: Audio Quality

On the audio side, the LG G6 does a bit of things. While it is capable of recording 24-bit / 192kHz in HD audio and 24bit / 42kHz in Hi-Fi video thanks to the use of two PDOs. The headphone jack does not suffer from any defects and offers a very clean sound.

LG G6: Network and GPS

The LG G6 is compatible with 4G category 11 for maximum theoretical speeds up to 600/150 Mbit / s. When you insert the nanoSIM card, the smartphone restarts automatically.

LG G6: a dual photo sensor at the top


Let’s start with the photo application which offers many interesting options. If it is not the wide-angle mode that we return right below, the 18: 9 format of the screen is exploited at the photo level to display up to two identical square images.

This makes it possible, for example, to capture at the same time a snapshot with the front and rear sensor to form a single image, or to visualize the picture.

Capturing an entire scene without having to move is really nice. Before using it, it is difficult to realize how often this happens, both indoors and outdoors. The wide angle of course deforms the image on the sides, but the quality of the shots remains good.

It is a very judicious use of the dual sensor that distinguishes the LG G6 from the competition. Whereas Huawei has decided to use the dual sensor in an artistic way by offering monochrome, a hybrid zoom, or even better Bokeh effects, LG sets about everyday use and convenience. The LG G6 is capable of filming up to 4K30 FPS and the front sensor of 5 megapixels allows to take good pictures.


LG G6: battery life and charging

With its 3300 mAh battery, the LG G6 offers more than adequate battery life. In a rather intensive use, we had no trouble holding on a big day only in 4G.

Forget about the two days, unless you almost do not use it. Battery life, is therefore good, without being extraordinary or standing up to the best. You can leave in the morning the quiet mind and recharge it in the evening. With Quick Charge 3.0 quick charging, allow 30 minutes to recharge about 50% battery life, and 1.5 hours for a full recharge.


LG G6: Our verdict

The LG G6 marks the return to the top of the Korean brand. Add to this the excellent finishes, excellent grip, a good screen and a photo sensor at the top, and you have one of the best high-end smartphones of the beginning of the year. The LG G6 perfectly meets the expectations that one can have of a high-end mobile. The storage capacity of 32 GB is also a bit limited for a smartphone sold at this price.