1. Galaxy Gear Fit connected: watch or bracelet?

If a connected watch among those currently available on the market appears as futuristic, then it is the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit. Its sporty and neat design makes it a true object of all desires, whether sporty or amateur of the high-tech object. Its lines are fine and neat, it is light and beautiful, classy, sober.


In short, it has enough to please men as well as women, while not being too imposing and still pleasant to wear. Futuristic? Yes, because of its finesse and above all by this screen in length that does not lose to the change as it remains functional and practical. Note that the bracelet is available in 6 different colors, from classic black and discreet to red or green much more flashy, perfect for a sporting appointment.

Small price for high technology

The Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit is mostly sold at around a 299 AED, which is a relatively affordable price for an object like a connected watch that is a high tech concentrate in just a few square centimeters to slide around his wrist. Small but effective, the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit features effective technical features and functionality:


  • The main screen has a respectable size of 1.84 ie 46.6 mm with Super AMOLED technology
  • A high capacity battery of 210 mAh
  • Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0

The functions are very Sport-oriented. The watch is indeed a monster initially intended for a sporting use, although it nevertheless remains a very beautiful watch connected to wear every day. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit meets very practical functions of most watches connected as:

  • The heart rate monitor that coaches the wearer of the watch in real time, between intake of motivation and information on the follow-up of fitness.

•    Various health applications of the brand Samsung itself to use especially when running on foot.

  • Immediate notifications of SMS, emails, incoming calls in sync with your smartphone.
  • An infinite customization with various themes to choose from on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit. Same for the type of time display.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit is also waterproof and dustproof!


The perfect watch for the connected world

The Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit is the perfect watch for anyone wishing to discover the universe of the connected object via a reliable and efficient device that remains at the very affordable price, especially when knowing the prices of the competitors.

  • Made accessible.

•    Its design will suit anyone, young or young monk, and active or not.


And even if this connected watch is very sport oriented, it remains the ideal watch for anyone who would like a very precise personal follow-up of its shape and health. We recommend it, with a strong inclination as for this design that sends us in the future.

  1.  LG G Watch R watch: adjusts to your taste

As we know now, connected watches compete with technological prowess and send us full mirettes with their touch screens with digital displays that sometimes move away from many classic watches. With the LG G Watch R, the connected watch is finally a happy compromise between the look of the classic watch that many like and respect, and the performance of hyper-connected connected watches.


The LG G Watch R raises the challenge of resembling a traditional watch of luxury and the technological magic of the connected watch. This is LG, the first watch in the world to have a circular P-OLED display.

Technical specifications of the LG G Watch R watch connected

If the watch LG G Watch R wins as much prize and success, it is thanks to its prowess in terms of high technology. It turns out that the watch competes without difficulty thanks to its technical characteristics:


  • Android Wear: This operating system has long been proven on smartphones. It is not for nothing that many watches connected just like the LG G Watch R, turn via this system that offers flexibility and reliability of navigation, as well as an application catalog as diverse as qualitative.
  • Its battery: The LG G Watch R turns with a battery of 410 mAh Li-Polymer of very good quality which has also proved itself on various equipment.
  • Micro-processor: This one is 1.2 GHz, which guarantees an unparalleled performance.
  • RAM: Like most watches connected, the LG G Watch R boasts 512 MB of RAM that will allow applications to run smoothly.
  • Memory: The internal space of the watch is a traditional and current space of 4 GB.
  • Autonomy: It is estimated that the connected watch LG G Watch R can hold up to 41h without being recharged, which is an honorable duration for a product at all times.

Possible and desired uses

With its beautiful curves that make them much more than a connected watch for sportsmen as is too often the case, the LG G Watch R sends heavy with functions that are expected of course at the turn.


To please the greatest number and especially women and men, it is possible to find it with different bracelets mono color or two-colored, leather or other materials, for ever more elegance. Of course, the classic LG G Watch R functions include time, weather and other notifications specific to the functions of linking to a smartphone, such as SMS, calls, and emails.

 More than a watch connected


  • But the notable strength of the LG G Watch R is undoubtedly its powerful GPS that will direct you as on very famous real-time dynamic map applications on the smartphone.
  • The same applies to the follow-up of the stock exchange or the functions specific to the sporting use of the watch: Pulse rate, the number of steps and strides, the cadence of races.

The LG G Watch R is undoubtedly a connected watch that we recommend because of very good value for money for a design without fault.

  1.  Sony Mobile SmartWatch 2- sober and beautiful

See some connected watches have a look too futuristic, without the round dial of the traditional watches that many still love, the Sony Mobile SmartWatch 2, remains a classic look. Attached to your wrist, it is not imposing, on the contrary, it is sober, discreet and beautiful. It is noteworthy that this one is available in 3 different colors but also with bracelets mono-color or two-color interchangeable.


Let’s trim the technical part of this watch connected from Sony. This is undoubtedly a rather inescapable model of this manufacturer, although a model of this series is also available for sale.

  • The Sony Mobile SmartWatch 2 connected is the first SmartWatch to be Android compatible and to be equipped with NFC One-Touch technology.
  • It also has a very long battery life which can hold up to 4 full days without recharging.
  • When it comes to applications, the Sony Mobile SmartWatch 2, like most other connected watches, uses classic applications such as social networks, fitness and health monitoring applications such as Walkmate and Runstatic, some very lifestyle and leisure applications, Productivity with Calendar Reminder.


  • The Sony Mobile SmartWatch 2 adapts to all ages but also to all lifestyles.
  • It is waterproof and designed to withstand many shocks of all kinds including a scratch-resistant system.
  • It is also relatively thin and thin as it is 42 x 9 x 41 mm only.

Happy Advantage for the owners of the Sony Mobile SmartWatch 2: software updates, which allow benefiting from application advances with among others, the addition of accessory functions for the display on the screen or virtual gadgets like icons.

How is it designed?


  • First and foremost for optimal connectivity, the Sony Mobile SmartWatch 2 features Bluetooth 3.0 technology that allows linear and reliable synchronization with other equipment such as the smartphone which is a perfect extension.
  • The operating system as mentioned above is Android 4.0 and later, which of course is a guarantee of top navigation and an infinite catalog of features.
  • At the material level pure and hard, the screen is type LCD Transflective 1.6 “, with 220 x 176 pixels announced.


  • The body of the watch is in aluminum and the bracelet in silicone or stainless steel.
  • These materials make the Sony Mobile SmartWatch 2, one of the most robust and solid connected watches among those available for purchase.