What if Microsoft left its Windows Phones aside for a few years? This is what the Redmond firm is obviously preparing to do to focus on the professional sector, where the company’s smartphones are more prominent.

The CEO of Microsoft added that the firm was working on the “Next Big Thing”, understand the technology that will replace current smartphones. Microsoft would be poised to leave the Windows Phones aside for a few years, to focus on the professional market.

Microsoft’s strategy in terms of Windows Phones is now to “focus on the business part”. The message is very clear, the US giant wants to limit its spending on the consumer sector to the maximum, and offer its smartphones in the professional market.

A market held by Apple and Google

The Windows Phones will, therefore, become more discreet in the mainstream market, to the benefit of companies. It must be said that in the face of the very strong competition of Apple and Google, perfectly implanted on the sector, and in a way that cannot be more durable, Windows Phones are struggling to make a place in the sun.

Microsoft is, therefore, reviewing its copy and intends to focus on the professional sector for the next few years while working on new technologies. The firm hopes through this research to be among the first to position itself on the technology that will replace our dear smartphones.

A strategic decision with far-reaching consequences

If this decision seems justified on the part of Microsoft, it nevertheless has serious consequences, especially on the side of Nokia alumni. Redeemed 5.4 billion euros 3 years ago, the Finnish company (loaded behind the design of the Lumia for Microsoft), will undergo the full force of this strategic change. A wave of redundancies would already be expected, resulting from the halt production Lumia mid-2016.