During the presentation of the new model of the connected watch of the mark Motorola, this one showed its desire to make this watch, a smartwatch perfectly adapted to the needs of the sportsmen.

Thus, the Moto 360 Sport has a whole audience to seduce with its many features adapted to everyday life as well as to the lifestyle of an athlete.

Unboxing the Moto 360 Sport

The Moto Sport 360 is presented in a pretty little box, which is reminiscent of the displays of classic watches, as in a jewel case. The watch is highlighted because it can be seen through the top of the packaging, made of transparent plastic. The watch itself and the accessories are presented separately on two levels.

On the first level, we find the watch that is held in place on a transparent display. At the second level, there are all the necessary accessories to operate the Moto 360 Sport: a charging base and its power cable, as well as a user manual. As a whole, the box remains fairly standard and uses simple materials such as plastic and cardboard.

Design and ergonomics of the Moto 360 Sport

At first glance, the watch seems rather intended for men because the dial and the bracelet remain very massive for a finer wrist of the woman. The bracelet is made of latex plastic and the clasp is the classic, so easy to put on the wrist. The Moto 360 Sport remains above all a watch intended for sportsmen and this is reflected in the general design which incorporates all the characteristics of resistant watches using less noble materials such as plastic.

The Moto 360 Sport features a single control button on the right side of the dial, otherwise, the entire screen of the watch is tactile, allowing easy navigation through the features and applications offered. What is very appreciated in the design of this connected watch are the many interchangeable dials. They allow the user to be able to change according to his tastes or his needs. On the other hand, the watch is quite thick and therefore heavy to wear, and it warms when it is running on the wrist. It can quickly become uncomfortable for its user.

The charging stand of the watch is very interesting since it works without contact. Just put the watch on it so that it begins to load. This has a double advantage: that of not damaging his watch or screen during charging (indeed, with the bracelet it would be wobbly once loaded), but also to have a display fairly elegant. Thus, the user can continue to see the notifications of the watch connected even when it is being loaded.

Application of the Moto 360 Sport watch

The connected watch Moto 360 Sport is compatible with the generic Android Wear application, making it easy to use because it works with a number of connected objects other than Motorola branded devices.

The synchronization operation is quite simple, just activate Bluetooth on its smartphone, then the application searches for the watch to be selected. Synchronization and updates are launched automatically. It takes about five minutes, but after this operation, a number of applications present on your smartphone, your directory and your calendar can be viewed directly on the screen of the watch.

Using the Moto 360 Sport

The use of the Moto 360 Sport allows a large number of actions, its operation can be divided into three levels: one that works as an extension of your smartphone, a second that finds utility when traveling or traveling and a third who works as a true sports coach for everyday life.

Moto 360 Sport is an extension of your smartphone

This very convenient watch interface allows you to manage a large part of your phone through the connected watch. This will alert you to incoming calls, voicemail messages, and also to the diary and all of your phone book. The Moto 360 Sport has a small microphone, which allows ordering Google searches on the net but especially to send SMS without needing to write … Function more than practical in winter when wearing gloves. The watch vibrates when you receive a call, useful if you are not nearby.

In general, the Moto 360 Sport can be really used as an extension of your own phone. You can still do many things without having to take out your phone, unlock it, take off your gloves … This “hands-free” function will be particularly suitable for professionals who are in a hurry and often on the move.

A sports coach everywhere with you

If you want to resume a light activity or more advanced, you can say that the Moto 360 Sport is for you. It has an activity tracking mode that is almost totally customizable … Indeed, you can choose your daily goals of a number of steps, distance or calories burned … and if you are afraid of not having a motivation you can activate activity reminders.

Measuring your heart rate requires downloading another application, which could put off some users looking in their connected watch a complete and powerful sports coach.

Easy-to-use interface

The Moto 360 Sport has an interesting feature. Indeed, it is possible to use it without his smartphone next to follow his health during a jog or a race for example. Thus, for users who wish to use it for a sporting use without appearing addicted to the telephone, this may be an excellent compromise.

The Moto 360 Sport can be transformed into a traveling companion

These features are fewer in number than those to manage your smartphone or those adapted to sportsmen but are equally useful if you are a globe-trotter at heart. First of all, the Google Maps application, which is no longer present, is also available on the screen of your watch, which is very useful for small trips on foot or for bikers who want to follow an “An eye on their itinerary”.

The watch also features a translation application that works with the microphone. For example, if you want to communicate with native speakers, the Moto 360 Sport can act as an interpreter. Select the language to be translated and the conversion is done automatically.

The limits and advantages of the Moto 360 Sport applications

Although in general, the Moto 360 Sport finds its usefulness in many situations, one cannot help but note a few weaknesses. First of all, it is not waterproof, which is unfortunate for a watch intended for sportsmen.

So even if Motorola announces in its manual that it is resistant to splashes and sweat, the brand still advises to dry it carefully. A remark in contradiction with their following statement, according to which the Moto 360 would withstand one meter of depth in fresh water for 30 minutes.

The Moto 360 Sport is very functional

On the other hand, the Moto 360 Sport offers a Torch Lamp application that is much more a gadget than a real flashlight. We can only be disappointed when we realize that the flashlight is in fact only the screen of the watch illuminated in white…

A functionality has finally caught our attention, since it has the merit of being useful in many situations. This is the feature that allows you to find your phone remotely. If you can no longer get your hands on your smartphone, just select on the Motorcycle 360 Sport “Find Phone”, and the magic operates!

Moto 360 Sport against the competition

The connected watch market has been booming in recent years because of its growing democratization. The giant Motorola has to face several prestigious brands that also have a good reputation among consumers.

The presence of a touch screen allows a greater combination of movements during use and it becomes more intuitive. But what makes the major advantage of the Moto 360 Sport is its value for money. Indeed, given the number of features it offers, it remains one of the most competitive. On the other hand, this attractive price is necessarily related to the materials used.