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Nokia 515

Nokia has recently announced a new member of their feature phone last August of this year. The newest addition to the Nokia family is known to be Nokia 515. It first rolled out in Europe including Germany and Poland. The company has always been so proud to whatever models they are introducing. Now, with its Nokia 515 they are all the more way positive over the fact that it could definitely catch the attention of the market although for some it is just basically a throwaway model as it is written on some online reviews. This Nokia 515 absolutely cannot compete to that of the other latest high end mobile phones like that of the Nokia Lumia 1020 but will surely be a “worth to own” device for the features at an affordable rate.


The device on top on its elegant design is expected to have a 2.4 inches QVGA LCD display measuring just 114x48x11mm and is just weighing approximately 102.7 g. It will be coming in an aluminum body. Since the device is just a feature phone, there is not much new and additional added on to what can be expected.  Basic things on a mobile phone will be there such as a 5MP camera with flash that includes options for face recognition, full screen viewfinder. Along with it is a voice- guarded Self Portrait Camera which was first introduced on its predecessor (the Nokia 301).  It will be available n a dual- sim option with a 256 MB memory plus the SD card slot making its memory the more expandable. The outstanding memory capacity of the phone urges some consumers to choose it over other models.

While some markets are not into what the Nokia 515 has to offer, some however are empress to its battery life mentioning that an excellent 10.4 hours of use for 2G and will somehow expected to just be half when using 3G. Battery life is what matters to bulk of the consumers who aren’t have much budget therefore making it perfect for their everyday use. The colors moreover are just the normal black and white option.

Nokia 515 is the perfect answer of Nokia to those who are looking for a low cost effective handset. By the features and options it is offering, it is of no doubt that 515 will also reach its success on the market.

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