nokia lumia 1020 price, nokia lumia 1020 in dubai

Revealing the newest expected smartphone by Nokia made excellent  reviews from the market when talking about the camera quality. Some reviews on the internet pointed it out that as of the moment , the best camera among all other smartphones they have seen, is the newest Nokia Lumia 1020. The rumored “best camera quality” planted a huge interest on the minds of those who love capturing perfect snap out of their smartphones.

            Nokia Lumia 1020 is said to be having a 41-megapixel sensor unlike of those previously featured to be only having a 8-megapixel camera. Therefore, making it capable of taking much larger pictures that can be saved 34 to 38 megapixel image. Moreover, it makes a 5-megapixel duplicate available on the phone for easy and hassle free sharing on social networking sites. Zoom in and Zoom out features are expected on the phone, a feature in which you don’t have to worry on having a distorted images for picture quality will still be intact. The feature that definitely would not allow you to do in other smartphones. The default camera app of Nokia Lumia 1020 (Nokia Pro Cam) will enable you to adjust settings the way you wanted it by altering the ISO, shutter speed, exposure levels and white balance in just a nick of time.

The Nokia Smart Cam app on the phone allows you to take series of pictures that could come in one all together with a blur effect option for an enhance image quality you desire to make. On top of the applications ready on the phone, it has also a strong Xenon flash to modify the quality of brightness making all photos captured during night time still appears to be vividly bright.

It is expected to run in a using a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, windows 8 and is expected to have a 32 GB internal memory but has no card slot though for memory expansion.