For the winter, there is nothing better than a pair of boots to protect a man’s feet from the cold and bad weather. The ideal is to have a pair of boots all-rounder with a rubber sole instead of a sole split leather to insulate your feet from cold (the rubber is less conductive than leather) and preventing bad slips. Winter conditions can put men to the test.


To avoid the inconvenience associated with the season, such as cold, snow, wind or rain, it is important that they equip themselves well, starting with good winter shoes for men. But finding comfort does not mean sacrificing its look.

Whatever the season, it is important that we feel comfortable in our shoes, more reason in winter when the weather is capricious.


The choice of shoes differs according to the meteorological conditions encountered. This is why we prefer fur-lined boots if we have to face snow or waterproof shoes such as leather boots to protect ourselves from the rain. Hot and thick sneakers are enough to cope with the cold winter.

Is Winter an obstacle to fashion?

On the contrary. We have to choose winter boots that we like and that showcase our outfit. Why not high-top sneakers? Associated with jeans and a parka, they are perfect for a casual look. For those who prefer the elegance of leather Chelsea boots, boots give a chic side.


You can wear them with a suit or with stylish pants, a shirt, and a cardigan. Lovers of sportswear look will leave the shiny leather for boots in the textile lining. Ideal with a warm coat and casual pants.

Comfort and lightness at your feet!

Winter shoes are true allies of your feet when you want to walk in the snow or just move comfortably in winter. Indeed, they guarantee the tightness and warmth of your feet. Suffice to say that they are indispensable for a successful ballad!


Therefore, your winter shoes must be adapted to your sport and to the type of terrain on which you will move. Not to mention that the essential thing is always to choose winter shoes of good quality that guarantee an effective support of your feet.

The shoe men must have

The mania for collecting the shoes is no longer exclusively female. Many of us accumulate pairs in our locker room.  But these collections are often presented in a type of shoes: the sneaker addict will have a closet full of air force 1 or Jordan, while lovers of beautiful shoes and multiply the Derbies, sneakers, boots, and moccasins.


However, only 4 pairs are really necessary for a man to be able to face all situations and all outfits.  Invest in these 4 pairs rather than in 10 medium pairs of which half will rarely see the light of day. 

  • A nice pair of sneakers/sneakers


Comfortable, versatile, recognizable, and allowing to run after the bus or the plane, or even to make a small basket improvised on occasion.

  • A pair of desert boots or moccasins


Casual but acceptable where the sneaker is not always, a pair of desert boots or moccasins will be perfect for the summer with a rolled up chino.

  • A pair of black Richelieu


Wedding, funeral, black tie evening, and maintenance UBS: when in doubt we will not take any risk with a classic dress and black pair.

  • A pair of boots


Black or Brown, they will ideally dress with raw jeans, or even a suit, and are particularly adapted to winter. 

The usefulness of winter shoes: 

The choice of quality winter shoes is paramount for any recreational or sporting practice while the thermometer displays very low temperatures. Nothing is more painful than feeling your feet wet or wounded while you are in the middle of a snowy forest or on steep terrain in the mountains. Today, winter shoes are specially designed for outdoor sports practice and adapted to the constant travel over difficult terrain.


They guarantee greater comfort and increased foot support. A hike or even a walk on the snow can create tension on your knees, ankles, and feet if your shoes are not suitable for this type of practice. So do not hesitate to invest in quality products that allow for the comfort and safety of your limbs and joints. Currently, we offer a range of winter shoes developed with innovative technologies, which ensures optimum comfort. Now, the pleasure is really at your feet!

How to choose your winter shoes? 

The seal is key to keeping in mind when buying winter shoes man or woman. The key is to keep your feet warm and away from moisture. To do this, boots with a rubber sole are a very good option.


They are light, practical and resistant. In addition, the soles must be non-slip. The most effective are those that have horizontal stripes or figures that create bumps under the shoes. The presence of an internal material that allows the feet to “breathe” is also important. This will prevent sweat moistening the inside of the shoes.


“Thermolite” is one of the most effective materials. Some boots are also composed by removable slippers, allowing aeration and more efficient drying. Probably a good option! Do not hesitate either to choose boots with a beautiful fur. Water repellent can also be an important criterion. This is the guarantee that these winter shoes are airtight and water. If this detail is not specified, prefer the boots whose seam is close together. They are often more comfortable and offer an optimal seal.

Looking for a pair of exclusive shoes for men?

Earlier this year, we looked for a model of simple boots to take everywhere during the weekend or Friday, or chic and casual in the office.


We really need to invest in a timeless model. Look for a model that is be made of smooth and high-quality leather and cream to keep good flexibility and a beautiful shine, and has a rubber sole. Ideal for winter. 

What’s essential to the practice of winter sports? 

To ensure that your mountain walks and your walks in the forest are surrounded by all the comfort and security you want, do not hesitate to invest in quality equipment. Here are some examples of accessories essential to the practice of winter sports:


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