Discover and be inspired by the outfit trends in Dubai created daily by the fashionistas! Create your own casual style and buy the items online.  For the weekend, the days you do not work or even during the holidays, you are looking primarily for casual wear. We are looking for trendy yet such girl outfits that allow you to relax and enjoy your free time in a comfortable fit but still trend.

Dubai is best known for its summer season! Summer sets in and temperatures can reach up to a good 50 degrees and humidity level to curl a bat are also its part! In Dubai, the summer days do not rhyme with sunbathing and long walk on the beach (that’s the rest of the year), but with air conditioner and indoor activities galore! Fashion statement takes part the same way. It is all after giving you the best ideas to stay busy, yet fashionable and hydrated when summer hits. It’s time to discover some tips and tricks to better handle the heat- get ready!

Enjoy the cool shopping centers

Fashion is all over in the shopping malls of Dubai! From the renowned brands to fashion boutique, everywhere you see is style!  If you are new to Dubai for shopping/ leisure, you are certainly not yet tired of the malls, and if you live in Dubai for longer, know that they know how to renew! Preferred sources of entertainment are almost limitless, and especially air. In summer, they are ideal for forgetting the heat without getting bored and offer activities to suit all: couples or friends, meet for coffee or a good meal and then file the movies for up sessions on the latest movies.

Finally, since the city is deserted been a large part of its population party look cool elsewhere, fashionistas will rejoice to be able to shop in peace, where the addresses are not lacking. So all; you lovelies out there- what you waiting for? Dress up your best and walk out on a spree!

How about winter fashion statements?

For winter, casual dress is quintessential summarize definitely a comfortable jeans with a baggy top. A lose pull shirt does wonders with a pair of boots. To go chic, you can pick from leather boots. The ideal shopping spree in Dubai is to pick all that you can carry well in the humid weather as well as what’s comfy on you. Do not wear shoes that are hard to walk in! It’s going to cost you bad.

A chic casual look is actually an ideal version for a shopping spree in the city or even for output, with a few accessories and more. Other than this, if you want to go a little more chic: the black tunic combination with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans and a maximum size vest that will keep you warm. Yes, we meant in winter that hits from November till February!

How about spring and summer bashing?

For spring and summer, the fashion bashing is all of a sudden a joy to kick start. It is feasible at all times while you are wandering, shopping or just lazing at the beach. Fashionistas love Dubai as it is one of the hottest fashion capital. How about throwing some floral love while accentuating curves etc.?

What’s the rocky idea?

The idea is to hold on for the day and you will be spoiled for choice! Choosing from sundresses, cocktail pants, jumpsuits, shorts, maxi dresses, skirts, denims, with accessories etc. we bet you shall fall in love!  The skirts and jeans to wear with a shirt and a pair of brown ballet flats, you can swiftly create the style in which you feel most comfortable. This is also the opportunity to try the colors you do not normally wear to work as a simple beige pants, a pink dress or jackets and dark blue coats.

topHow to be at the forefront of trends this year?

Is it finally time to break out your pants fetish? And lace, trendy or fashion faux pas? Between timeless, old-fashioned, which are back and new, difficult to navigate! To help, here is a little recap ‘of “must-have” of dressing this year in Dubai.

Top hippie chic

The hippie chic trend has emerged as a safe bet in the wardrobe. It is at the top side this year, apart from the basic up as lace or crop-top with fringe, it is all about bare shoulders are back!

What you should know: for a chic hippie look? Well, you can take example of the previews models at Coachella! It’s a match in Dubai.

The boyfriend jeans

The jeans are THE classic play by definition, but that does not mean it does not renew! In 2016, we will opt for the boyfriend jeans. Include: non-molding, which reaches mid-ankle and, usually, slightly destroy. If you feel more comfortable in your jeans, do not panic: without being trendy, it is still far from being outdated and remains an indispensable of dressing. What you should know: contrary to appearances, the boyfriend jeans can be very chic! Just wear it with a pair of high heels and accessorize it to look good.

The laces ballerinas

They are on the feet of every fashionista! The so it-shoes of the year are actually a cross between the pointy ballerinas and flange sandals, and will give one side both retro and chic to your look.

What you should know: these little wonders work as well with pants on bare legs. Remember in Dubai, you need to walk in comfortable shoes.

The skirt “South”

It’s official: the pleated skirt that goes down to the knee and is one of the sassiest attire in Dubai to carry anywhere with panache, as well as respecting the culture. The latter is back this year, and we love the fact that it comes in a variety of styles! Whether you prefer the sober and dark, with lots of flashy patterns or to stay fashionable in all circumstances and it lends itself to both “chic” and “street”. What you should know: To avoid falling into the ultra-wise side, we will opt for a quirky look!


The jumpsuit has managed the incredible betting dissociate the rustic image and has-been who stuck to his skin. Today, it is found on major avenues in the world. Ideal for efficient, comfortable look, it remains in jeans, whether raw, bleached, black or holes. A short jumpsuit is also very trendy, especially when worn with a pair of sneakers!

kimonoThe kimono

This is the trend jacket of the summer and of course in Dubai! It will sublimate both a “casual” look with jeans, a bohemian look with fringed sandals, and even a rock look if one chooses the dark and that the door heeled boots. To stand out, in 2016, we dare to wear the kimono: very long, knee-length or lower!

The bomber

The bomber is the key piece. This jacket is the essential complement to a casual outfit (jeans, sneakers) the day and classy (skirt heels) in the evening. Available in satin, cotton fleece or even silk bomber, it is accompanied by pastel patterns, glittering embroideries and retro badges! To avoid total masculine look, stay glamorous opting for skinny jeans and a pair of offset.