Where to find a watch of your choice? It can be ranging from a geek to chic. What is your kind of personality? The watch is the accessory to have whether you are anxious about how the time passes or a chronic latecomer. Although the watch’s primary function is to be useful, it does not prevent it from being aesthetic.


Cult Watches: what do they say about your personality?

The watches are available in different styles: casual version or release chic bling. There is little chance that you do not find your happiness. The design of a watch is very important. It is the one that must give your personality a taste!


  • The vintage look is a trend in vogue (pocket watch Thomas Sabo).
  • Pay attention to the details that make your unique style (shows “bath” of Cartier). It’s has the bracelet that highlight the uniqueness of your watch.To change seen and reviewed conventional models, why not opt for a flexible bracelet.
  • For bringing up the chain effect as that of the first shows of Chanel, or tape style inspired by the show, choose “Pink Ribbon” Louis Pion.
  • The cuff shape (watch CK Calvin Klein) will make your watch, a true gem!
  • Choose a double wristwatch (watch Cap Code of Hermes) or with a bracelet crafted in an unusual material, and you are sure not to go unnoticed.
  • It is advisable to sports models to choose light and resistant as steel Gucci watch.
  • Options such as waterproofing, resistance or the presence of a stopwatch are assets that need to be thinking when selecting his watch (watch Ice Watch Chrono).
  • Good to know to stay chic: several luxury brands such as Dior or Chanel launched sportswear models (Chanel J12 watch).
  • Women who appreciate the classic style will be delighted with models of simple watches.Traditional round dials (Rolex) or square (Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso) remain sure.
  • If looking for just as black or brown leather bracelets, choose Cartier Tank.

One tip to remember: it is very convenient to have at least two models of watches. You are so sure of getting one to complement your outfit, whether elegant or more casual.

Omega watches and Women


Watch enthusiast offering a watch to his wife is not an easy exercise.
Because there is a hand model you would like to offer and the other who seduces. And the two do not always match! The exercise bodied recent years, female customers semblance inflame the desires of some watchmakers who had, until recently, restricted to the production of jewelry watches, reserving production of watches equipped with a real content to watch men.

This is certainly not the case that Omega is undoubtedly a pioneer in this field. Known to fans around the world to be at the origin of two watches that have left their mark in history of watchmaking, the Speedmaster and the Seamaster are the subsidiary of the Swatch Group as No. 1 worldwide in the sector, it offered its first watch to female customers since 1902.

The love for Cartier


Cartier is associated with high-end watches and accessories. Manufacture Cartier Watches – Key dates and figures

  • Date of creation of the brand: 1847
  • Creation of the Cartier Manufacture Horlogerie in La Chaux-de-Fonds: 2001
  • Number of production sites Manufacture Cartier Watches: 6 (including Geneva for watches Hallmark of Geneva)
  • Number of movements of references: 37 Manufacture movement
  • Number of reference templates Haute Horlogerie developed: 29
  • 2nd largest player in watchmaking
  • Nearly 300 Cartier boutiques worldwide


Second largest player in watchmaking, Cartier still remains in the minds of the public, too often confined to a watch manufacturer image upscale accessories. Thus, boxes of Cartier watches are for example machined, polished and assembled in the same space – when most factories dissociate these 3 businesses by installing them in separate work areas from each other.

 When Seiko takes over!


Let’s trace the history of this exceptional brand through some of its iconic creations – a story we have chosen to present you two times, too much information killing information. Seiko house is indeed unique in that its investments are mostly for the development of products, including movements when certain brands allocate a substantial share in the marketing.

This does not stop the powerful Japanese group to sell its watches. The annual production of Seiko watches around 4 million piece per year. Grand Seiko, premium brand of the group, would in turn in the order of 50,000 pieces annually. Finally, the production of quartz movements, used internally but also sold to third parties brands, would be of the order of several million units per year.

Moral: good design and robust and reliable movements do not necessarily need an expensive and prestigious ambassador – a cost that is particularly suitable at a time to pass on the final price of Seiko watches.

Tag Heuer- the “art” of story telling


This iconic brand is all the rage in the watch, nothing as to illustrate the story of a brand through its iconic creations. The TAG Heuer Collectors Summit 2016 was an opportunity for LVMH subsidiary to present its strategy in terms of preserving its heritage – and bring you some photos of vintage Heuer.

Emporio Armani


Emporio Armani is the innovative line launched by Giorgio Armani in 1981, for the younger generation. Its name reflects its revolutionary character, since the term Emporio (Emporium) suggests a type of democratic way. Over the years the collection has evolved and grown evoking a dynamic and casual spirit. There are recurring features, such as casual elegance and aesthetics, which are reworked each season using a living and urban language.

Emporio Armani expresses vitality and a carefree attitude. The watches have a particular shape and a special nobility. It is a collection rich in ideas, always suggesting new ways to dress to reflect the lifestyle of today’s youth. The Emporio Armani watch collection is a perfect balance between innovation and universal design, with avant-garde styles to lines and colors careful thoughts. Whatever their age and lifestyle, lovers watch appreciate the simple elegance of Emporio Armani watches.

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