IPad 2017 performance is up! The screen brighter than the model it replaces, a price virtually half that of an iPad Pro and the ease of use resulting from Apple’s mastery of integration Software and hardware. It is a little heavier and thicker than the iPad Air 2, no pen support, a screen and speakers less powerful than those of the iPad Pro.

The most affordable iPad ever released

This makes it an ideal choice for someone who wants to discover the brand or a good excuse for those who want to change iPad if theirs is not eligible for the iOS 10 update.

We will call it iPad SE

But how did Apple manage to cut the price without yielding to its legendary margins? Simply by using a proven recipe with the Apple Watch Series 1 and the iPad SE that integrates new components into a design that hardly changes and reserves the most elaborate functionality to the more expensive iPad.

 IPad 2 left vs iPad 2017

So this iPad 2017 will replace the IPad Air2 in the range while being physically closer to the original IPad Air with which it shares the thickness of 7.5mm and a weight of 469 gr. The iPad Air 2 is 6.1mm for 437gr.

The difference is, therefore, minimal and it would be necessary to put the two models side by side to distinguish it. But there is a difference that probably justifies the return to the name iPad rather than iPad Air.

Apple says the new cases and accessories for this iPad are compatible with the iPad Air range, but the reverse is not true.

Better screen

Although this new iPad, the iPad Pro 9.7 inches and the old iPad Air 2 have a screen with a resolution of 2,048×1,536 pixels, yet it is there that one notices the biggest difference. For example, the Air 2 has an antireflective coating that is missing on this iPad 2017. But, according to Apple, the latter offers a brightness of 25% higher. As a result, the image is brighter but reflections are also stronger.

As for the iPad Pro 9.7 inches which costs much more expensive, it has the same resolution but with a broader tone range compatible P3. It is mainly aimed at creators, specialists in photography and video. Its design is truly superb and it stands out clearly from the iPad 2017.

The iPad offers a very good screen

And that’s exactly what we enjoyed most during our trial by consuming videos on Netflix, YouTube and iOS apps. The iPad has always been an excellent mobile multimedia player and it is always the case. However, it should be noted that competition has caught up.

New under the hood

The new iPad receives an A9 processor identical to that of the iPhone SE and the iPhone 6s. The iPad Pro is equipped with an A9X chip. As we expected, it is confirmed the performance gain compared to the iPad Air 2 and the superiority of the Pro.

The iPad remains an excellent tablet for mobile video games, as long as the titles you like are available on iOS. The Microsoft Pro Surface 4 with its Intel Core i5 processor offers better results but is much more expensive.

An excellent tablet, but do not look for the pro side

This new iPad presents itself as a cheaper and more elaborate development of previous models. This is a very good thing, but this category has evolved a lot in recent years. And by comparing, you could easily opt for an iPad Pro or another high-end tablet that would offer you a stylus, a first-rate display, and a powerful sound system.

But you will have to pay for an iPad Pro plus for the stylus and for its keyboard case. It should be said that the Apple stylus is fantastic, as good as or better than that of the Surface Pro and iOS compatible applications are excellent.

This is mainly what will make the difference if you opt for an iPad rather than an iPad Pro. If your purchase is meant to satisfy everyday intensive use to work and communicate, then feel free to make the extra expense for the iPad Pro and its accessories. But keep in mind that the Pro models already have a year and a new version may be already in the pipes.

If instead, you are looking for an iPad to watch videos, play, browse the web and read, the iPad 2017 offers the best possible price / performance ratio. Just know that you can still find the excellent iPad Air 2 on the Internet, which is a very good deal if you are willing to sacrifice some performance for a finer and lighter design.


If the owners of an iPad Pro or IPad Air 2 can refrain, all others will find a valid reason to choose this new iPad that is both versatile and well positioned in terms of price.

The iPad 2017 is a nice surprise that has packed us in more ways than one. Because this tablet knows how to stick to the fundamentals that made its success at a very competitive price for the 32 GB Wi-Fi model and for the Wi-Fi / cellular version with 128 GB.