samsung galaxy gear price in uae

Samsung has launched Galaxy Gear to keep up with their rival on Apple’s iWatch in a hope to conquer the global market. The smart watch is expected to come in various colors ranging from a plain black to a sporty orange and a rose gold.

This sleek Gear smart watch is rumored to have four screws on its display with a 1.63in (320×320) AMOLED. Along with it, is a metal buckle and a rubber strap completing its elegant shinny look. It will also come to have a 800 MHz processor beat, 512 MB RAM, 4GB internal memory and lots of features such as the eBay, MyFitnessPal, Path, Pocket, RunKeeper and Tripit. It has also a built-in pedometer enabling you to count your steps while on different fitness activities. You will be able to do voice commands upon checking the weather, making an alarm, even drafting a message and many more. A 315mAh internal battery is what the Gear has. It is not that bad anyway for it can also extend you whole day’s service. In addition to that, a 1.9 MP camera. Although it definitely can’t compete to other gadgets with high camera resolution, it’s still not bad in taking a snap on something the fastest way.

Despite the above mentioned aesthetic features of the Samsung Gear, disappointment has spread it shadows already, as stated in the online reviews of the users. What gathers its poor rating is the fact that you need some other Samsung devices/gadgets to fully enjoy and maximize its usage. Connecting devices include Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy 10.1 (the 2014 edition).  That would just mean that pairing it to a compatible device can only allow you to utilize its full potential as a smart watch. Yet, it certainly is a smart addition to the gadgets for the Samsung lovers and is expected to capture some share of the smart watch market.

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