In the new batch of 2016, the South Korean Samsung manufacturer has decided to market the all new Samsung Galaxy J7. A mobile which by its price (840AED- maximum price recommended) is positioned as a means of smartphone range, while being the most powerful of the entire range “J”. However, its premium would look tends to make us take for mobile range “S”. However, the design seems closer to the Samsung S5.


So here we are faced with a mobile that is located halfway between mid-range and high end. But good design is it the only thing that matters? Is this enough to make a good smartphone that we could recommend? The answer in this test of the Samsung Galaxy J7.

Aesthetic: pure Samsung style


No doubt, this mobile is a “Samsung-Style”, and it is very similar to S5. At least in form, because it is noted that this J7 has a metal frame (like the J5 6), which has not only the advantage of making it even more elegant but also more rigid. A rigidity that is also found on the glass used as a touch screen. So much so that it is a glass with anti-scratch / anti-breakage such as Corning Gorilla or Dragontrail (however, note that the manufacturer does not absolutely confirm this).

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In terms of grip, one cannot enter SMS or other text with one hand. Not only because the phone is slippery (smooth battery cover) but also because of its dimensions. Also, you will notice that the “battery cover” is removable! So good rating, because you will be able to access the battery is replaced if the need arises. A rare enough on a mobile with a metal frame, and that deserves some emphasis:


Dimensions: 15.2 cm long x 7.6 cm wide x 0.8 cm thick

Weight: 170 grams.

Image and sound: nice contrast, but lack of sharpness 

The screen of Samsung J7 offers a contrast image with bright colors (very supported, they allow to have an image that has the “pep”). We here also has good viewing angles and brightness remains very good level. Overall, the result is quite satisfactory, except for the purist FHD mobile.
In fact, this phone does not offer a 1080p screen, but only 720p. This therefore results in an image that, for some purists may be unclear. And because of the pixel density lower than 300 pixels per inch deemed to be the minimum in order not to distinguish with the naked eye.


In terms of sound from the loudspeaker, we can say that it is clear, but still lack power.
In addition, placed on the back of the device, it suffers from the classic problem.

Display: 5.5 inches (Super AMOLED) with HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels) or so a 267ppp density.

Sound: 3.5 jack and rear mono speaker. Classic earpiece.

Performance: good

With its relatively high score for the Samsung J7, one manages to get an idea of the satisfactory level of performance offered by this mobile. Thus, it offers a very close score of that obtained by the S5 (about 50,000 points for the latter). So here we have a smartphone very comfortable, either with large applications and multitasking, but also with the recent large 3D games.
No doubt about it, nothing that is available on the Play Store currently cannot scare it.


So much so that the latter also has the luxury of offering a smooth picture, including games with large levels of graphics and textures. Thing proves in turn Epic Citadel posting a score framerate significantly above 45ips (including 59.1 fps mode “High performance”).

Connectivity: Complete 

As always, no complaints in terms of connectivity. Thus, one is dealing here with a mobile 2G / 3G / 4G LTE, and logically, it is also a quad-band GSM. And of course, being in the presence of a smartphone, it has all the other useful connections (and indispensable) such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, micro (USB 2.0 and USB OTG), FM radio, 3.5 jack, SIM card slot (“micro” format), micro SD slot, etc.


In terms of hooks, no complaints. Samsung offers mobile which suffer no real criticism on this point.  So we have a mobile that hangs the carefree networks including (GSM, 3G / 4G, Wi-Fi, etc.) and which shows no problem with stability.

Operating system: Android update with overlay 

Good news, Android (the famous operating system made by Google) is proposed here in its latest version / update: Android 6.0 “Marshmallow”.  An efficient and intuitive system, and full thanks to its Play store that can download various applications and games. So a great system, which guaranteed that nothing will be updated to version “N” 7.0 when it will be launched. However, nothing serious to me. And better capitalize on a system that works perfectly. On the same OS (Operating System for English speakers), Samsung has applied its wrapper house “TouchWiz”.
Again, there is an intuitive and customizable overlay.


The register of applications added natively by this overlay:

  • S Health
  • S Planner
  • Samsung Apps
  • Smart Tutor
  • Microsoft applications

Use: self-correct, high quality picture

  We pass quickly on basic uses proposed by all smartphones worthy of the name (mp3 / video player, reading / writing an SMS-MMS-email, viewing a web page, etc.). Same for 3D video games (see the “Performance” section), this mobile is able to run all games of the moment. With one hand, the quality of images obtained by the various sensors, and the autonomy observed.


In terms of picture quality, the quality offered by the dorsal sensor is in conformity with expectations.  It was therefore good shots provided by a 13MP sensor with an effective autofocus.

 Battery life at par

In terms of unconventionality, it is noted that the manufacturer had the good idea to place a beautiful 3,300 mAh battery.  What seems almost essential is, given the level of performance of this phone and its screen (a super AMOLED uses less than LCD)?


In addition, the great fashion note the presence of “energy saving”, available in 2 mode. The “power save” mode that reduces mobile performance, and therefore its energy gluttony and an “ultra-energy economy mode” that will sound when the battery reaches a threshold too low, and flop (for example) the black background display with shades of gray, while cutting the connections (2G / 3G / 4G, etc.).

In conclusion: absolutely correct


  • The Samsung Galaxy J7 6 is a good motive, but appears to be expensive.
  • The screen is only 720p, but the technology (Super AMOLED) allows it to display a beautiful image that pep!
  • Connectivity is complete, worthy of an ultra-high-end (which will only bring the infrared) and performance enable this phone to the large 3D games without blinking.
  • The operating system is Android 6.0 update in “Marshmallow” (although not bringing much different with version 5.1) and has a nice and intuitive overlay “TouchWiz”.
  • Finally, sensors are good pictures.
  • Battery is quite good, with a mobile that can keep a day before recharging (a classic so).


  • So we can fully recommend this phone, whose only weakness is that of being placed in a new line “J” 2016. The look, color / contrast of the display, connectivity, the updated operating system is just terrific.