Samsung Note 7 turns out to be a startling phablet of the year 2016. The Galaxy is hailed Note7 first for its design. Over time, Samsung has refined forms of its PHABLET and its experience with curved screens begins to pay. Despite its 5.7-inch screen, the Note7 feels like a “normal” smartphone: the product is actually smaller than most of its competitors, starting with the iPhone 6s Plus which is 4.7 mm larger and 4 mm wide.


Samsung Note 7 proposes beautiful dimensions that make it easier to use, to fit in your pocket. Faced with the curved screen of the Galaxy Note7. Samsung design of the side has made good progress since the first Galaxy Note in 2011.

Is it about the S-Pen stylus?

The S-Pen stylus gives any satisfaction as testers. Smaller than its predecessor Note5, the device also has a smaller peak but increases its pressure sensitivity; the side button switched places for a more natural position. The pen is responsive, however, there is always a little lag time between what is written and what is displayed on the screen.


But the possibility of taking notes from the lock screen is an advantage: no need to turn the smartphone to scribble an idea. This function, inaugurated with the Note5, has been revised: it is now possible to “hang” the notes to consult more quickly.

The Galaxy Note7 is waterproof stylus also:

So does it mean we can take notes and draw underwater! Certainly, the interest is very limited, but after all why not. The hardware innovation Galaxy Note7 is its scan of the iris. We can unlock the smartphone a glance. In fact, it’s not as fast as the identification of the fingerprint. Moreover, it is virtually impossible to use this feature walking: you must stop and that the infrared reader fulfills its duty. In addition, eyeglass wearers will be disadvantaged since they will almost suddenly withdraw their binoculars.


The Galaxy Note7, therefore, proves to be a very good smartphone, which benefits from the expertise of Samsung on the use of the stylus and curved screens. Sealing is a real plus!

Galaxy Note 7 is all in good rage!


The Galaxy Note 7 is already in the hands of our comrades. The first impressions are more than positive on the device.

Design taken from of the Galaxy S7 Edge

The Galaxy Note 7 has simply taken the design that we already know with the S7 Edge, to make “greater” with a 5.7-inch screen. “The Note 7 looks like two drops of water to the Galaxy S7 Edge”. So you know what to expect. “They seem not convinced by the Edge displays, whose only interest is the fact that the phone looks “cooler” with. But, the Note 7 is one to look for!


However, note that all the features of the phone are excellent. Indeed, despite its “PHABLET” format, its handling is pleasant and does not give the feeling of using a tablet with phone functions.

The S Pen is the main deal

All are united in the fact that the S-Pen is the core classification to be talked about in Note 7, which otherwise would be too close to her brother S7 Edge. The Guardian states that “the pressure to peak recognition is much smaller than its previous versions, making the most accurate, while the whole system responds to the finger and to the eye as it uses Samsung Apps.


However, many users have particularly appreciated the new features related to it, including the rapid creation of GIF they call “fun and intuitive” to use. They say they are “somewhat fell in love with the translation function.” A positive sign after all! During their testing, basic words could cause problems with the tool. They, therefore, hope to see an update to optimize it.

A powerful iris scanner but gadget

The Galaxy Note 7 is one of the first Android smartphones to incorporate an iris scanner, allowing you to unlock your phone with the sole power of your gaze.  In practice, however, the feature seems somewhat gadget. Finally, if you are in good lighting conditions, and you do not move and / or you wear glasses.  The iris scan is “more complicated to use than the scanner footprint already very fast because we have to turn on the screen, slide, and then awkwardly approaching phone to activate. A fun feature to show in the evening, but we end up forgetting to use the fingerprint scanner in its place”. Actually, the phone must be parallel to your face. Iris scanner is now a gadget very useful in terms of security, but much less in its daily use.



Good as the Samsung, but Note 7 compared to its brothers is still cheaper, especially today? Opinions are almost all the same. The Galaxy Note 7 is “without a doubt the best PHABLET the moment” arguing that it is “powerful, full of useful features and few gimmicks, and offer productivity tools that no one else has!


The Note 7 incorporates years of expertise in creating great smartphones, and equipment design as software elevates it above the mass. This is the phone with the least compromise, not forcing you to give up the best arguments PHABLET. The Galaxy Note 7 is not for everyone, which does not mean it’s not a great smartphone. But, it is definitely for smart people.