Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4


The latest galaxy S series of Samsung, S5 has been announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain recently. Obviously it has more advanced feature than S4, which is the previous release of Samsung.

The main talk about Samsung Galaxy S5 is about their android operating system KitKat 4.4 and its amazing fingerprint sensor. Also it produces fine clarity pictures as like any digital camera by its 16 mega pixel camera. Smart phones are named popular with its screen size and of course S5 impress many users with its 5.1 inch screen.

Top 5 Prominent difference between S5 and S4


The display is the backbone of any smart phones. Galaxy S5 comes with 5.1 inch screen which is made up of metallic body while Galaxy S4 comes with 5 inch screen which is made up of plastic body.


Usually performance of electronic device is calculated with their OS and by its RAM. Both S5 and S4 are developed with android OS but they differ with versions. S4 is developed by Jelly bean android OS 4.2.2 with 2GB RAM where as S5 is developed by KitKat android OS 4.4 with 3 GB RAM.


Galaxy S4 is designed with good camera which is 13 Megapixel with 1080p resolution but Galaxy S5 is designed with 16 Megapixel along with LED flash and it is expected to be world’s fastest auto focus feature.


Galaxy S4 is simply built with 2600 mAh but S5 has 2800 mAh battery with ultra power saving mode, it can withstand up to 21 hours.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is certified to the IP67 standard which means it can be submerged in water and it is completely dust-proof, in simple terms S5 is water and dust resistant and sadly this feature is not available in S4.


Features S5 S4
SCREEN 5.1 inch 5 inch
OS KitKat Android 4.4 Jellybean Android 4.2.2
Camera 16 MP with LED Flash 13 MP
Battery 2800 mAh with ultra power saving mode 2600 mAh
Standard IP67 – Water & Dust Resistant

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