The iPhone 7 plus is available since September 2016, and Samsung Galaxy S8 plus, newly unveiled by Samsung, are undoubtedly the best phablet available in early 2017. These two large format smartphones are excellent devices, but what is the better? Discover it through this detailed comparison.                      


The Galaxy S8 + has a sumptuous design, notably thanks to its borderless screen that covers almost the entire facade. In terms of dimensions, the device is wider than the iPhone 7 Plus at 1 mm, and less than 4.5 mm.

In comparison, the iPhone 7 Plus seems old-fashioned. It presents to a few details the same design as the iPhone marketed by Apple for three years. Despite a pretty seductive black color of Jets, and a new red Product (RED) version that will appeal to some, the appearance of the headphone smartphone now seems outdated.


The 5.5 inch Retina LCD screen of the iPhone 7 Plus has a resolution of 1080p. Its colors and contrasts are good, as well as its angles of view. However, in front of the AMOLED QHD screen of the Galaxy S8 +, the latest Apple flagship seems again obsolete. The only highlight of the iPhone 7 Plus screen is its 3D Touch technology.

The 18.5.9 ratio of the Galaxy S8 + Infinity Display, the smartphone has a diagonal screen of 6.2 inches, despite dimensions smaller than those of the iPhone 7 Plus. This beautiful screen, qualified by Display Mate’s best smartphone screen to date, is compatible with HDR mobile. It will soon allow watching streaming UHD series on the Netflix application, as soon as it is updated.


The 12 MP dual lens back camera is the main novelty of the iPhone 7 Plus compared to the iPhone 6s Plus. This dual sensor allows for example to zoom without losing in image quality. It also offers a portrait mode for making portraits with bokeh effect worthy of a DSLR camera. Opening to f / 1.8 also captures a lot of light, making this camera the best in the smartphone market.

The Galaxy S8 + on its side retains the best camera than the Galaxy S7, namely a 12MP sensor with aperture f / 1.7. Anyway, this camera remains excellent even a year after its first appearance. In addition, thanks to a new smarter software, the shots are improved automatically. The first pictures taken with the S8 + published on the internet are simply magnificent.


The Galaxy S8 Plus and the iPhone 7 Plus both boast a powerful processor. The iPhone 7 Plus is equipped with the A10 Fusion chip developed by Apple, coupled with 3GB of RAM. This configuration surpasses all Android smartphones available on the market since its launch last September. This processor is also optimized for iOS 10 and delivers unparalleled performance.

The Galaxy S8 + on its side embeds the chip Exynos 8895 Samsung in France, and the new Snapdragon 835 from Samsung in other markets. This processor is coupled to 4GB of RAM, as on the Galaxy S7. Expect an unfailing fluidity.


The iPhone 7 Plus comes with a 2900 mAh battery, which should last a full day for ordinary use. However, gamers may soon run out of energy.

The Galaxy S8 + on its side embeds a 3500 mAh battery, but the screen it feeds is wider and its resolution higher. It is still too early to draw definitive conclusions, but it is likely that this new model offers a lower autonomy than the Galaxy S7. However, this phablette is compatible with Samsung’s wireless charging and quick charging technology, unlike Apple’s smartphone.


In terms of storage, Apple leaves the choice between 32GB, 128GB or 256GB. The Galaxy S8 + offers only 64GB of storage space, but a microSD port can extend memory up to 256GB.

Additional features

The Galaxy S8 + offers several features that the iPhone 7 Plus is lacking. These include the iris scanner, the virtual reality helmet Gear VR, or the DeX Station, allowing the smartphone to be used as a desktop computer.

The Apple smartphone however enjoys the best applications on its App Store. Even if Android is catching up late on iOS, the Play Store is not as well stocked.

Galaxy S8 + or iPhone 7 Plus? Our verdict! 

The iPhone 7 plus is undoubtedly the best Apple smartphone to date. However, apart from its camera, this phablet does not really stand out from the iPhone 6 plus, which presented itself as an enhanced version of the iPhone 6 plus.

From a certain point of view, the same can be said of the Galaxy S8 + compared to the galaxy S7 Edge and the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, but the improvements and changes made by Samsung are still more tangible. Moreover, this smartphone seems capable of accomplishing even more tasks, even if Apple retains the advantage of the iOS and its ecosystem of games and applications.

It will take a few weeks to get the heart clear, but it is very likely that the Galaxy S8 + exceeds the iPhone 7 Plus as well in the rankings of the best smartphones than among consumers. Anyway, Apple has not said its last word, and the iPhone 8 expected for the end of 2017 as a revolutionary device risks putting sticks in the wheels of Samsung.

For us the winner is the new Samsung Galaxy S8 +!