Samsung Gear S3 comes with the attractive design, finish, interface driven with rotary dial, GPS, speaker, Spotify application, compatibility with most Android phones and even iPhone up to a point.


The OS Tizen offers fewer applications than the Apple Watch or Android Wear. The iOS connection works but it suffers from many bugs. For now, the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier remains one of the best options for owners of an Android smartphone.

It’s hard to beat the S3!

If you are curious to know what the connected watches are, the Gear S3 will give you a good overview of several key options: cellular connection, Spotify application integration, contactless payment via Samsung Pay. But it is still too much an experimentation when it should be a more successful product, mature.


Despite everything, the Gear S3 is a connected watch with a bold and imposing design and it is very rich in features. But, unlike the latest versions of the Apple Watch and Android 2.0, the Samsung Tizen operating system does not go far enough to offer more applications and improve its ergonomics.


And there are few applications that take advantage of the cellular option (LTE). From a hardware point of view, this watch is certainly better than the Gear S2, but it does not propose such a significant evolution in software.

What is interesting?

For short, let’s say that S3 Frontier is the watch that you can be used carefully and is complete package. But from a software point of view, it is really no better than the S2.


The cellular version is interesting because it allows calls without a smartphone. But its higher price and the need to subscribe to an additional telephone plan do not necessarily make it attractive.

Samsung Pay:


The presence of the contactless payment application Samsung Pay is a real plus compared to Apple Pay and Android Pay as it is compatible with MST magnetic technology that works with any bank card terminal.


We can only rejoice in the presence of the Spotify streaming application on the Gear S3 (and S2) even though it suffers from some flaws.


You can listen to the songs via a Wi-Fi or cellular connection, but you cannot download them. The interface is poor and one and a half hours of use was enough to empty the battery of the watch.


But it works well, provided you have the paid version of Spotify. We tried the service by connecting AirPods and it worked very well.


The Gear S3 is available in two finishes much closer to a classic watch than was the very futuristic Gear S2. The voluminous and thick case will not fit all wrists, but the finish is neat and high-end.


If you are looking for a phone to wear on the wrist, the S3 cellular version is probably the best current option. It allows you to take calls and connect applications. Just add a headset or Bluetooth headphones to be able to converse discreetly.


But do we really need that? Personally this is not our case, especially since it is necessary to subscribe an additional telephone subscription.

S Health:


The fitness application is surprisingly good. It follows the heart rate, activities, coffee consumption and hydration and invites you to move after an hour of inactivity and even to stretch if you do not leave your chair.



You can install and even connect iOS apps. The iOS app from Samsung is not very good but it is more versatile than what Android offers. You can also use S Health and quite a few other applications and even download additional dials. But Spotify and Uber are not part of it.

S Voice:


Vo Voice Wizard works fine but Google Assistant for Android Wear and Siri for Apple Watch offer more control over phone features. However, S Voice can do a lot of things: programming an alarm, calling a contact, checking the weather, doing a web search.


In the end, the S3 is truly seductive. It is voluminous, but it attracts the eye and it pleases. However, this is not the best way to quickly access it’s essential info. This may be the problem of all watches. This is, in any case, the one of the S3.


The decision is less clear-cut for Android users. There is no perfect connected watch at the moment. Android Wear is not a good option at the moment even though the version 2.0 that just came out could offer good surprises.


But Samsung still offers interesting options with the Gear S3. As well as the interface, it is necessary that the access to the information is faster. That said, to choose today, we would prefer the S3 Frontier to all other current Android Wear watches.