You can finally obtain an augmented reality headset and use it in your home. It will not cost you high and will not be made only for developers. Samsung is officially the first on the VR helmet market with an affordable helmet, Gear VR, but mainly fueled by the Oculus Rift software.


The Gear VR is both an incredible achievement and a brilliant vision of our future. This helmet is the perfect blend of advanced technology and of acceptable consumer experience. Moreover, it represents a concrete example of what is possible today and what remains to be done for that VR is much more than real.

Helmets and Gear Oculus Rift VR

Helmets and Gear Oculus Rift VR is a tantalizing taste of a new future standard. The Gear VR is the virtual reality helmet as accessible as we’ve tried and the first to be marketed after years of hype. Accessible in fact. The headset itself is not more expensive. However only works with lines S6 and S7.


Honestly it is a certain amount to spend to enjoy this experience if you do not already own the phone. But we agree on one point, the foolish people who are willing to pay a fortune for this “pack” have already done.

Design & handling

The headset itself is quite beautiful and well finished. The helmet is black and white plastic, very quickly we recognize the Samsung touch that likes simple designs. The helmet is interesting, the three buttons (touch pad, volume key and back key) are placed intelligently unless you are left-handed. Indeed they are all right helmet, which may make some people grumble, and then it tires the arm if you frequently use the touchpad.


The helmet is light, without notebook weighs just over 300g, which makes it comfortable to wear. It holds relatively well on the head and the strap is adjustable on the sides and above the head. A separate foam your face helmet that is comfortable at first, but become slightly annoying after a long time with the helmet on.

Getting Started: 

  • For non-aficionados

First, you must be in possession of a Samsung smartphone (line S6 or S7). Second, you must make sure your firmware is up to date. Third, you need to insert the micro SD card of 16GB, which is given with the Gear VR, in your phone. The smartphone will serve both screen and power for the headset. There is no “configuration” required, simply attach your phone to the front of the hull. Once everything is plugged in, a small sound lets you know that headset is ready for use.


After having adjusted the helmet to your head, it will disconnect the phone to go through the installation process. Fortunately it’s fast! Once done, you are ready. Put everything on your head, the sensors will detect your presence and load the main menu. Therefore you can choose to run the tutorial to teach you to use the headphones. You can also choose to connect a Bluetooth controller to your smartphone to make the experience more comfortable.

Without this handle, you learn very quickly that the touchpad is simply not suitable and makes the laborious experience. Indeed, this touchpad is located on the right side of the helmet, so this location requires the user to constantly have their hands on.

  • For fans of RV

 The Gear VR is not a development kit and you do not have time to lose any update, calibrate the cameras, etc. Installation takes about 15 minutes, which is still fast. You may prefer to plug in a joystick. After all, what games do not require?

Features of the Samsung Gear VR 

As smartwatches, virtual reality helmets do not offer enough features to simply replace the use of electronics, especially smartphones. You cannot answer your calls or SMS messages or emails while wearing the Gear VR, though you can still see their notifications. Then the only options you have are either to terminate the call without taking it or unplugging your smartphone to answer. This is certainly a taste of the future, where we can put the game to pause to take your call.



New experiences like Oculus and 360 Photos, 360 Videos are incredibly enticing. If you think to look at a picture in every sense is not so exciting, so we challenge you to try and remain unmoved. The impact is multiplied greatly when using the Video player 360, there is a tour of Iceland filmed from a helicopter that is totally intense you can look in all directions as though living the moment with. Incredible views.

Samsung offers a taste of this experience through an introductory video when you turn the Gear VR on the head. This video can cause nausea in some people.


As most aspects of the Gear VR, the operating system is relatively skeletal. There is a “store”, which looks like a “library”. There is a “Home” screen that is similar to the other two. The image below represents the interface. This image is not blurry and of poor quality by chance, that’s ready image you will have. Everything goes and looks like what you can find on your phone.



You should know that the record depends on the Smartphone used. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have a 5.1 inch screen, which offers a smaller field of view than the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge + that they are equipped with a 5.7 inch screen.


We will not go through each game offered on the Gear VR. But some are free, demos, so why not just download them all and try them? There are many other games available with the Gear VR. There are no games that are not worth the trouble of at least tried, but unfortunately it stops there for most, once a game tried and past discovery, interest takes off quickly. Feel free to search the store, maybe you hit good surprises and above all good experiences. We have so far been Epic Dragon VR test, which will make you feel like never feel dizzy, ocean Rift and Titans of Space, two magnificent exploration games passing respectively in the ocean and in the solar system, or Anshar Wars, a shoot ‘ em up dynamic and funny.



The Gear VR is a really promising device. It works! The screen resolution is good, but not enough to forget you’re wearing a helmet and not see the blur and pixels. It is light and you can wear it for long periods. It is not very expensive in itself. Its range is quite long, count between 4 and 6 hours of use with a 100% smartphone, which is not bad.


But the little helmet become uncomfortable after long moments with the Gear VR screwed on the head, the small protective foam quickly becomes annoying in the long run. When wearing the Gear VR, you are in Gear VR (you cannot answer any of your calls or SMS, or even watch internet). It only works with two phone lines. Click to shop at