The South Korean electronics giant could launch two soft smartphones next year, after presenting phones to the curved screen. The return to grace of small formats would have convinced the South Korean firm to speed up the manufacturing process of a new kind of phone.


In boxes for more than a year, the Valley project of Samsung could see the day faster than expected. With results falling in 2015 (the brand went from 28% to 25% of market share in 2015), increased competition (notably with the strong growth of the Chinese Huawei), and Apple which restarts a small format with its iPhone SE.


Its new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge launched in March are very good smartphones but the change is too small compared to the previous range, the S6, to have a real impact on the market. Samsung could therefore materialize the folding phone with an announcement at the end of 2016 (or at the CES of Las Vegas in January 2017 at the latest) and a global marketing for the second half of 2017.

The First High-End Foldable Model

In 2013, Samsung had presented in great fanfare a prototype of flexible phone. Three years later, the South Korean group is ready to market this technology to the general public. Samsung plans to launch two smartphones with foldable screen for 2017.


The first model could fold in two “like a pocket mirror”. The second would have a 5-inch (12.7 centimeter diagonal) screen capable of deploying in an 8-inch (20.32 centimeter) screen, making it as large as a tablet. On the other hand, smartphones cannot roll, because some components – notably batteries – are not adapted to these twists.


Very little information circulates about the technical characteristics, except that it would be a high-end model, based on the specifics of the S7, with a 5-inch screen that would stretch to 7 inches Open mode. Still, it would bring a real renewal in the field of smartphones and would allow satisfying a wider audience with a small model that becomes large once unfolded. Let us specify that it would be the screen that would be foldable and not just the mobile, via a hinge, such as the Motorola StarTAC models in the 90s or the recent LG Wine Smart. A true technological first that would allow Samsung to take back the hand left little by little to its rivals.

Will Samsung Overtake Apple 

Nicknamed the “Valley Project”, these new phones would be unveiled in February 2017 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It is during this event that the manufacturers usually come to announce their novelties for the year.


Only exception, Apple presents its new iPhone in September. It could also launch smartphones with a curved OLED screen around the edges in 2017, reported by major Apple specialist.

What’s flaming

Samsung would also be among the ranks to become its OLED screen supplier. The South Korean group is indeed a specialist of this technology, which already equips several of its smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy Edge range features a curved screen.


With its foldable smartphones, it would therefore be one step ahead of its American competitor. It will not be too much to go up the slope. Samsung’s mobile sales dropped by 6% between 2015 and 2014. Samsung is competing with Chinese brands in low-end devise and we must say it is struggling to compete against the phone in the highest price ranges.