The Galaxy Tab A has been much talked about at its release as it was the first in the Tab range to include by default Microsoft applications. Although the tablet does not represent a true technological revolution, Tab A has several special features. Discover with us the best tips and tricks of this tablet.


The tablet itself is a good device. We regret the screen shift which is rather weak compared to the other market (1024 x 768) but overall it is very satisfactory. Like all devices, it has its small batch of surprises and hidden functions that we will show you below.


Enable multi-user mode

The Android feature only available on tablets, multi-user mode can be very useful for those who share their tablet. If you have children or share your tablet with your companion, you can use this mode to share the same device without sharing the same data.

Simply enter the options by dragging the notifications bar and then clicking on the gear, then go to the “Users” tab and set everything as you wish.


Using Smart Manager

This application is preinstalled on the device. It gives you an overview of the status of the device and some parameters:

The current state of the storage memory and an optimization by removing unnecessary data (cache etc.).The current state of the RAM with direct access to the task manager, and thus the possibility of manually terminating applications. The pre-installed protection in the tablet with the possibility of using the KNOX protection service.


Resize windows

Are you more likely to do several things at once on your tablet? Do you like watching a video on YouTube while looking for the filmmaker’s name on your search engine? Your tablet allows you all this.

You can simply resize your windows and, once you have the desired size, you can very simply switch from one to the other. Be careful though, not all applications are compatible, some do not allow a change of size of the window.

To change the size of a window, simply place your finger on the upper left corner and drag it to the desired size, an angle formed by two blue lines tells you the size of the window.


Split Screen

You’re multitasking but windows in tiny, is not that your thing? No worries, Samsung thought about it. You can split your screen into two separate parts. If you hold your tablet vertically, you will have a horizontal fraction that you can then set up or down the bar. If you hold your tablet horizontally, your screen will be split vertically and you can set the space distribution by moving the bar to the left or right.

To start the split mode, press and hold the window key and select the applications you want to use on the screen. Be careful, they are not all compatible with this system.


Deepen all photo shooting modes

Generally, the larger the tablet size, the less likely it will be to use it as a camera. The Galaxy Tab A has a screen of almost 10 inches (9.7 to be exact), so we can say without going too far that its camera should not be exceptional.


Sure enough, it only has 5 megapixels, for those who like me do a picture every six months is more than enough.

Use the different modes of your camera

However, you can use different modes on your camera. Once in the tablet camera, slide the screen to the right if you hold, it vertically or to the left if you hold it horizontally. You can also simply press MODE. Here you will find a menu of preinstalled modes that allow you to set the picture style in more detail:

    • Panorama: As the name suggests you can create panoramic images with a 360 degree angle.
    • Burst: With this mode you can take a series of photos, useful for taking snapshots of motion.


    • Beauty: this mode will allow you to make disappear your small imperfections.
    • Sound & Jack: add sound to your picture.
    • Sport: take sharp pictures of people on the move.

Did you discover hidden features on the tablet?