Like their flagship, Samsung and HTC are two different manufacturers in appearance, but close enough on the bottom.


They offer smartphones that differentiate themselves from the competition thanks to an unusual design and technical characteristics at the current top. Overall, which manufacturer is the best? We compared them.

Samsung vs HTC: Design

Behind this mechanical analogy lies a reality: the two manufacturers both have ranges of luxuries. Samsung’s performance of the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are extremely good, thin lines and the smartphone is only for one thing: speed.


HTC, simply because the design of the One M9 is more massive, less sporty, its features are very good and many options but classic. In other words, the HTC is not a racing beast, but it is very stylish and holds more than the road.


The HTC One M9 also has the advantage of offering an unusual design, which is noticeable at first glance. Its unibody aluminum shell exudes manufacturing quality. The whole is complemented by the weight of the device (157 gr.) A nice asset, for some.

HTC is better equipped in the high-end

If previously Samsung had the advantage for the equipment, especially for the removable battery, the trend reversed for the florets. Now it’s the One M9 that pulls its best with a microSD slot, indispensable for many users.


In detail, all the high-end HTC and Samsung traditionally offer a complete connectivity: MHL 3.0, USB Host, wifi a / b / g / n / AC and Bluetooth 4.1 LE are all part of the game. From this point of view, no problem, both brands assure.

 Samsung is more powerful

Samsung uses mostly Super AMOLED technology to make its displays, while HTC uses only LCD IPS. Even if it is necessary to qualify, the Super AMOLED presents several advantages not negligible. First of all, it is in principle more economical. Indeed, blacks do not consume any energy, which is not the case on an LCD.


A Super AMOLED offers very deep blacks and skilled colors often richer. In fact, if the display of the Galaxy S6 is excellent, it was not always the case of the old Samsung. Some had really too saturated colors.


At HTC, the technology used is LCD IPS. If the blacks are less pure, the whites are generally whiter and the colors a little warmer. Also, IPS screens offer wider viewing angles. Some users do not like the cold and bluish rendering of AMOLED. We will not discuss here the differences in definition between the Galaxy S6 (Quad-HD, 1440 x 2560) and the HTC One M9 (Full-HD, 1080 x 1920).

Exynos vs Snapdragon

It must be confessed that with the last Exynos 7420, Samsung strikes a great blow. Especially since the Snapdragon 810, HTC One M9 seems to heat up.


HTC Sense has many fans, it must be said that fluidity and stability reign on this home interface. The major difference with a pure Android is the application drawer that scrolls not laterally but vertically.


You will understand, it is impossible to compare HTC Sense and Samsung TouchWiz with objectivity. Both systems are complete and provide a first-class user experience. Also, if the design does not please you, remember that with Android, a launcher can change everything.

Samsung vs HTC: innovation and stagnation

While HTC has been struggling for several years with bad results, Samsung has rebounded after moribund sales for the Galaxy S5. The release of the HTC One M9 forced all analysts to ask questions about the health of the brand.


Indeed, seen from a certain angle, HTC seems does not offer enough new to its users. The HTC One M8 was an excellent smartphone, it evolved from the HTC One M7, both in terms of design and features. In 2015, we wonder what HTC wants to do. However, the contract to fill for HTC was quite simple: novelties, software or hardware, but original novelties that give envy to the user, which make dreaming so to speak. Staying in the forefront for the design and interface of the M9 is not really a problem, especially since the HTC One series is clearly one of the most beautiful on the market.

Samsung takes things in hand

2015 has been a pivotal year for Samsung. Its market shares have been declining for several years, and 2014 was simply catastrophic. In China, its largest market, Koreans recorded 28% decline, feature phones, Samsung flagship, are selling 10.8% worse, especially in Europe and Asia.


Samsung had to innovate, the Galaxy S5 is a Galaxy S4 reconditioned and equipped with some new features. On the other hand, the Galaxy S6 evolves: not only it revolutionizes the range Galaxy S, but the version S6 edge revolutionizes the market. Samsung succeeds where HTC fails.

In addition to offering high-end features and a cutting edge display, the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge have a completely redesigned TouchWiz interface, which incorporates many effective features such as the download booster, security applications related to the fingerprint scanner or to movements like Smart Alert – which allows to see its notifications when you take the device.

Samsung vs HTC: what brand for which user?

Samsung and HTC are two very different manufacturers. The last two flagships of the brand is for sure excellent smartphones. However, it must be admitted that the Galaxy S6, with its Exynos processor, its fingerprint scanner and camera is a notch above.


Yet when it comes to design, neither is better. On the contrary, the microSD slot is only present on the One M9, while the S6 abandons it. If you want to acquire the best of the best, the Galaxy S6 is probably a good choice. If you want to acquire a phablet, Samsung also naturally imposes itself.


If you’re looking for a good plan, turn to the old Samsung flags. If they are not over-equipped like the S6, they ensure a very good user experience. You can not compare them with the old HTC flagships, which they are way too expensive. The HTC Desire 820 is a good alternative if its rather massive design you like.