With the return of sunglasses in vintage or contemporary, sporty or sassy, sunglasses incessantly make a comeback every year. We offer all brands of sunglasses that cater to customers mindful of originality and glamor.


Our solar collection is a very elegant, with high-quality manufactured models. What’s going to be your favorite for the festive season? Do not miss our exclusive under 99AED catalog including sunglasses to be availed right now!

We are in love with Ferrari

A legendary team. Ferrari is the spirit “fast” with more technical through excellence. Ferrari sunglasses have been designed with this in mind.


From a design worked and focused on the sports efficiency, they attract all lovers of the F1 team. Fans will therefore only have one desire: to wear the same sunglasses that Fernando Alonso wore!

Can you dump Polo Ralph Lauren?


Polo Ralph Lauren is the symbol of a fashion casual chic universe. Found in the eyewear collections colorful style, casual but refined the Polo brand. The range of famous vintage sunglasses, a safe bet, with metal aviator shaped masks.

The worldwide fame of Ray-Ban


The Rayban brand innovates a new trend by launching a range of children glasses looks just like the adult model. Our little ones can wear the same glasses as mom and dad. Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, the glasses provide comfort and protection to our dear toddlers. Check out the chic collection now!

Level ONE for your attitude!


The Level One brand was created for women. It offers a range of urban and trends glasses for athletic women but still feminine. The shades are available in a color panel from the most fashion color to the classic and sober hue. The spirit is to provide a wide selection of glasses for all women.

Rudy for the adventurous you!


Founded in 1985 by Rudy Barbazza, the company Rudy Project has established itself as the leading company in the sports sector. Rudy Project sponsors more than 10,000 athletes worldwide, including cycling, golf, sailing, skating, snowboarding, triathlon, cross country skiing, running and Canoe kayak. Originally designed for athletes, Rudy Project glasses have attracted a wide audience through their aesthetic and technical qualities and exceptional comfort.

The elegance of Salice


The brand was founded in 1919 by Vitaliano Salice and it was only in the 50s that she began manufacturing sunglasses. The Italian brand has continuously innovated its technology to offer an avant garde athletes and anyone playing sports outdoors. Salice today as yesterday is synonymous with sport, energy, adrenaline and speed. The product’s strength is the quality of glasses sold at “fair” prices.

Love for The Oakley


Oakley has established the definition of performance eyewear. Today, Oakley continues to redefine it. Together with Oakley, athletes continue to make their mark in this world. It produces sunglasses designed to help and assist you in creating a new definition of performance.

 The exoticness of Maui-Jim


Maui Jim offers ultra-light polarizing sunglasses. For example Makaha model, named after the name of a town on Oahu known for the passion of its waves and inhabited by the spirit of performance, Makaha defend you against the most devastating sun. Also in the Maui Jim Sport-line, Offshore model belongs sunglasses solid but lightweight, ultra-contemporary frame oversized, perfect for style-conscious athletes. These sunglasses in titanium sports are the ideal choice for golfers and all those in search of light weight and high optical quality.  Quality, lightness, technicality are the watchwords Maui-Jim.

The sporty Arnette


Arnette sunglasses are sports spectacles trendy look. Inspired by the passion of its creator Greg Arnet surfer in 1992, you will find ideal sunglasses for sports. Arnette sunglasses offer you excellent protection against the UV radiation and you are bound to find a model that suits you, oversized model of the classic sports models, all in bright colors of the new super trendy!

Polaroid Sunglasses

Polaroid eyewear is the pioneer in the technology of polarized lenses. All polarized lenses are not equal in efficiency and quality of polarization. Polaroid sunglasses offer you a reduction of eye fatigue, color perception is more accurate and they offer you a better visual definition through enhanced contrasts.


With this technology, Polaroid has launched a range of 3D glasses. The Polaroid Premium 3D frames are equipped with circular polarizing 3D glasses for your comfort. These mounts can be used in cinemas, television and video games also thanks to their circular polarization 3D technology. High quality, the 3D glasses are certified by RealD and can be used in all places equipped with RealD technology.