Smart phones are superb! They allow us to do a lot of beautiful things like going on the Internet, taking pictures and even making calls! Wow! … More seriously, we love our cell phones, but we hate that they have a low autonomy.

We do not know about you, guys, but we have to recharge mine every night and it’s even worse since I’m having fun with Pokemon Go. Luckily there are a few simple tricks that help to extend the battery of his cell phone. Here are a few:

1- Close your applications
Having 20 applications that run at the same time consumes a lot of energy. Close those you do not use.
2- Watch the GPS
If you do not have to take the road with your phone, turn off the GPS. And activate it only when you need it (some applications use geolocation, like Pokémon Go).

3- Disables notifications
You might like to know when your best chum liked your new profile photo. On the other hand, all the notifications you receive consume a lot of juice. Disable them!
4- Do not forget the updates
I know! It’s really boring the updates. However, in most guys, it helps to extend your battery life, and protect you from the bad guys who want to steal all your Pokémon.
5- Close Bluetooth
If you do not have a smart watch or other such winks, close the Bluetooth.
6- Decreases the brightness of the screen
Enables automatic brightness. To save even more energy manually dims the brightness. Be careful not to diminish it too much, because you will not see anything and your cell phone will be unusable!
7- Opens Wi-Fi
Try to connect to a Wi-Fi network. It takes less than one juice to connect to a wireless network.

8- Attention to heat
Like most electronic devices, cellphones do not like heat. Make sure your device never gets too hot, otherwise it can permanently damage the battery.
9- Choose your case
The cases may protect your cellphone, but some isolate it, as would a large winter coat. So it gets too hot, which has a negative impact on the battery.
10- You can let it load

According to experts, leaving his phone charged will not cause any damage to the battery. So do not be bothered to use it when plugged into an electrical outlet!

• Tricks To Make Your Android Cell Phone More Powerful!
There are very few objects that follow us as much in our everyday life as our cell phone. The increasing accessibility of these devices and the evolution of their technology mean that they are taking more and more place in our daily lives.

On the other hand, many people complain about their device, which, after some time, does not seem to give them the performances of yore. Do you have an Android device? Here are some tips to find love with this one!

1. Turn off your device
Too many customers go into the store for problems resulting from the fact that they never close their device. With a computer, when you make changes to the settings or even download software, it is almost guaranteed that you will be prompted to restart your device. With a cell phone, it’s a bit like the same principle.

In fact, it is advisable to restart your cell phone at least once every two days, in order to optimize its RAM. This procedure will only take a few seconds and will prevent several disturbing problems (ringtone problems, applications that do not open, etc.).
2. Manage your memory
Most Android devices let you manage their memory directly from the settings. The goal is to send to an external memory card what takes up most space in your device: photos, videos, music.

If you ever have a phone designed to do this kind of operation, you can always download an application that will allow you to manage your memory. This is the case for Memory Manager and SanDisk Memory Zone applications, both of which are free.
3. Have a quality memory

Did you know there are classes in the memory cards available on the market? In fact, if you look at your card or on its packaging, there is a small number circled. This number indicates which class is part of your card, and also its quality. The best quality cards are class 10 cards, with data transfer on them being done faster, increasing the performance of your device. It is advisable to choose a class 6 or higher card for your Android.
4. Be up to date!
Sometimes your device may have problems because it is not up to date. Updates are usually simple to do and if they do not automatically download to your device, you can often access them in the settings of it. In fact, in the settings, you have an “About Phone” section, which has different tabs, including “Software Update.”

This is where you can check if you have the latest software version. Be sure to connect to Wi-Fi if you do not have an internet plan to avoid downloading charges! Also, take advantage of it to update your applications too!
5. Close applications!

When you use Android applications, you can get out of it, they always remain in operation in the memory of your device. Make it a habit of closing them! In many cases, your cell phone already has a task management software. You just have to go and close the applications listed there. Otherwise, the Advanced Task Killer application will allow you to do so. This application is free.
6. Housework
Your device should not become a collection of unnecessary applications. Take the time to uninstall applications that do not serve you. By the same token, you’re going to free up space on cellular memory.
7. Immunize your device
Like a computer, your device is vulnerable to viruses. These malicious apps, if they integrate your cell phone, can have access to your personal information and be used for fraud. They can also allow fraudsters to control certain features of your phone remotely.

Symptoms of a virus on your Android? Automatic text messages, exaggerated use of the Internet, higher than normal bills, stack that discharges at high-speed V, missed or cutting calls, recurring commercials on cell phones, chaotic performances.