Whether the sun shines or sulks, this “spring-summer” period rhymes with holidays, green walks, outdoor activities and even aquatic, varied moments should be immortalized in photo or video. Many will use their phone, enough to capture memories.


But for those more demanding, who expect more from their images, we offer a selection of digital cameras (APN) adapted to the situation.

The three categories include:

  • Waterproof APNS,
  • Large Zoom Compacts,
  • And Bridges.

In other words, durable and versatile, always easy to carry.  The world of digital photography no longer has the same aura as five or ten years ago. The homes are equipped, and for many, the need for change has dried up. Or rather, it has been partly satiated by a dynamic renewal of smartphones that evolve faster.


And yet, the NPCs are no less essential, and more effective than ever. In recent times, the discourse around the photo has been to push the amateurs towards reflex or compact hybrid, for more quality. If the manufacturers were pleased – it is better to make value than volume – users have often come back.

What’s the selection criteria?
To leave the heart and the bag light, one should opt for a compact device. In the literal sense, a compact is a device of small dimensions, rather flat, and equipped with an irremovable zoom.


That said, one can also interpret the notion in a more relative way: a bridge does not fit in a pocket, but its zoom offers a versatility such that the bulk remains ultimately modest. Quality of zoom and image, autofocus accuracy and ergonomics are the main selection criteria.

  • Waterproof cameras

Lovers of extreme sports, water activities (diving, snorkeling, cannoning, etc.) or beach, a waterproof and reinforced camera is required to capture fun memories.


Resistant to different types of maltreatment, these compacts will also be good companions for awkward people or with children. The devices here have a wide-angle zoom, suitable for underwater shooting and selfies taken at arm’s length. Prices range from AED 600- AED 3,999 only.

  • The big zoom compacts

As a queen of travelers who do not want to encumber themselves, these compacts embark at least a 10X zoom and even climb up to 40X today!


This guarantees maximum versatility. Stabilization is imperative on these devices, whose handling can sometimes prove to be slippery. The price range has been significantly different since some manufacturers have been upgrading with large sensors (1 inch).

  • The bridges 

Near the size of a reflex, the bridge is distinguished by a fixed and monstrously ample optics. The recorder of the genre is the Nikon P900 which deploys up to 83X of focal range: 24 – 2,000 mm!


Needless to say that if one wanted the same thing in reflex, it would take several optics, one of which would be similar to a telescope. The bridge also benefits from typically reflex, with an electronic viewfinder comfortable than the simple screen to the frame.

 Advantages of best point-and-shoot camera

  • Snap pictures of life on the move

To immortalize unforeseen events or moments, an automatic camera is unrivaled in simplicity and utility. A compact camera that’s lightweight and easy to use does not slow down or compromise focus when you want to capture a moment quickly and easily.


There are a wide variety of top brands such as Canon and Nikon that offer amazing performance and a lot of functionality to stop and find the camera that will meet your needs.

  • Affordable and automatic

Even the most expensive automatic cameras are more affordable than digital SLRs or ordinary mirror-free cameras. It is unlikely that you will benefit from all the flexibility of manual controls or removable lenses; on the other hand, you will have access to optimized and automated functions adapted to most of the shooting conditions.


Auto focus and exposure, flash and even digital or optical zoom greatly simplify taking a great picture

  • High-definition photos and videos

Equipped with sensitive sensors capable of producing high-resolution photos up to 20 megapixels each, automatic cameras have not sacrificed quality for utility.


The concentration of pixels is so great that you can easily reduce or enlarge photos for printing, or manipulate them with advanced photo editing software. They record videos in HD and even often in full HD 1080p, which allows you to capture moments of interest with impeccable sharpness.

  • Durable and robust

The automatic cameras, intended for use in motion, are of a robust and durable construction. Those who wish to report their escapades will be pleased to know that some models are even resistant to water and shocks.


Unlike a camera built into a phone, this compact digital camera is not grafted to any other device; each of its components is therefore exclusively for photography. While it is the same size and weight as a smartphone, it offers superior performance and results.

  • Easy to use and share

Another advantage that makes the automatic camera of such a simple use is its electronic display, generally a good LCD screen. This helps you to better frame your subjects and shows you an estimate of the results when all the parameters and integrated filters are applied. Many of them are tactile, making it easy to select features or change settings.


Several auto camera models use SD memory cards for their versatility and Wi-Fi connectivity, which simplifies the transfer and sharing of your photos.