This day marks the beginning of July, but you will not be mad at having forgotten to rip the calendar page because you are immersed in your new gadget. There have been a lot of them over the past six months, quite enough, and we have made a selection of the top 10. You’ll find smartphones, drones, PC boards, and maybe the most beautiful TV we’ve ever seen. And we certainly did not forget the arrival of VR helmets.

There is still a lot to come for the rest of the year, including the iPhone 7 and maybe the PlayStation 4K, but put on your glasses a moment and enjoy the moment: here are the 10 gadgets we have had a pleasure to use for now in 2016.


In a world where smartphones, tablets and screens are ubiquitous, e-readers seem less and less essential – unless you are addicted to books, in which case the best E-Ink device is. And in this case, you will want the Kindle Oasis.

Amazon aimed at the high end with the Kindle Oasis and made it strong with this flyweight design, an extremely accurate screen, an easy to use interface, and even a leather of your choice. The lack of Lightning is unfortunate, and the price of $ 289.99 can be hard to swallow, but it’s probably the best reader ever designed … assuming you always wanted one.


Good bye iPad Air. Hello, smaller iPad Pro. Rather than refreshing the range after a longer wait than usual, Apple decided to shrink the iPad Pro 12.9” from last year to a more portable version of 9.7″ – while happily retaining all the big model improvements.

This means the support for the Apple Pencil and the addition of Smart Connector, which fits the Smart Keyboard and may be more devices coming. The tablet also boasts a power boost and the TrueTone screen impresses. You will pay a little more than the previous model (from 695 €), but you will not find better tablet right now.


After years of vertiginous prototypes and demonstrations, the modern age of high-end virtual reality officially began with the Oculus Rift’s mainstream release. And it is not at all disappointing on its performances; Offering immersive VR experiences and a completely refined and adapted design.

Availability was a continuing problem due to shortages of parts and unsolicited marketing decisions, plus the release of a rival helmet a week later, and … well-read until the end. However this should not diminish the importance and quality of the Rift, and the upcoming release of Touch controllers should still boost it. 


The choice to include the Raspberry Pi 3 in this list filled with expensive and highly coveted gadgets may seem strange to you, but it is clearly one of the most important technological devices on the market today. The Pi has made projects to mount your own computer more accessible and affordable than ever, and the 3rd generation model is a huge leap forward.

This Pi 3 has much more processing power than previous editions, plus the standards of Wi-Fi connectivity. It is also perfect for those wishing to know what is hiding in their own gadgets. The price is also really interesting. Count forty euros that you can afford whatever your motives.


DJI continues to dominate the market for drones, and although it is not given, the Phantom 4 fully justifies it. This is not really a shift from the previous model, but the improvements are many and significant, and it is still the easiest to operate if you are not a pro.

Key elements are obstacle detection, and automatic steal mode plus the ability to maintain focus on a person or objects during flight. Add to that an incredible 4K camera and the price of 1600 € becomes (a little) easier to digest for enthusiasts.


Did you feel left out when Apple went into wider terminals with the iPhone 6? A 4 “screen is your ideal template for a smartphone? So you’re in luck. Because the iPhone SE makes the small phones sexy again. Even though it is basically only an update to the iPhone 5s.

To this familiar design (but a little more refined) is added a big boost of speed, with iOS 9 and the same chips as on the iPhone 6s, Touch ID, and a great autonomy. It lacks the 3D Touch and starts only 16 GB of storage, but an iPhone of this power for only 489 €, it is quite stunning.


While the 4K revolution is still in early adopters mode, we are seeing more and more content – and somewhat cheaper hardware – suggesting that it is about to become mainstream. But if you want to spend without relying on a wonderful TV, look at the LG 55C6V.

This 55 “OLED curved screen is absolutely remarkable, not only does it manage the 4K (streaming or from a 4K Blu-ray player) gracefully, but it also supports HDR standards for bright effects and bright contrasts. 3,999 € is a sum. But this TV is ready for the future. Are you?


The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the smart choice of Samsung’s latest flagship duo, offering incredible performance and benefits at a lower price. Nevertheless, based on our dearest wishes, we cannot help but choose the beautiful and unparalleled curves of the Galaxy S7 Edge.

The Galaxy S7 Edge looks very similar to last year’s model, but the improvements are size: with a boost in performance, the phone itself is just a bit wider and adds a micro-SD slot and waterproof. Beyond that, it is just as amazing as was the Galaxy S6 Edge, and remains one of the best smartphones on the planet today.


Do you remember what was said about being practical? Yeah, that’s why the OnePlus 3 is at the top of our list of best smartphones, displacing the Galaxy S7 line. Why? Well, it’s an Android smartphone with flagship level refinement that can be measured at any competitor, for half the price.

We still do not know how they do it. Rather, it is unclear how others expect to keep such high prices after seeing this beauty, with its Snapdragon 820 processor and its 6GB of RAM, a very good 1080p display, and all the other festivities you might expect. At 400 €, this is an incredible deal.


We really appreciate the kind of virtual reality that the Oculus Rift brings, but we love the splendor of the immersion of HTC Vive. It is designed on the premises of the RV based on your real environment, which means that many games will make you move around and interact around you.

You have never experienced such an experience before. For now, we expect more real games for the HTC Vive, since the Rift holds the rope in this field. But still, wearing the HTC headset gives the impression of living in the future, and offers the most audacious vision of the next generation of home entertainment.