Convenient and comfortable, 64GB USB 3.0 drives often offer better speeds than 32GB models. And prices have dropped dramatically in recent years. USB sticks are still the best way to swap or store files quickly. The 32GB models are affordable, but they may be insufficient for certain needs. Large or large data storage, such as high-definition video.

So why not opt for a 64GB key?

Admittedly, the investment is higher, but they are generally cheaper than two keys of 32 GB and above all offer better performances. Indeed, memory chips have a higher density and often have higher bit rates than the 32 GB keys.

Of course, performance does not go from one to two, but writing speeds increase and we have, for a 65% gain between the 32 and 64 GB versions.

Housings that are more or less resistant to falls

To perform our ranking, the data transfer rates for each key may vary from one model to another. In addition to performance, we also found differences in the size and design of the housings that are more or less resistant to falls. The case of a plastic key will break more easily than if the manufacturer has opted for metal. In addition, there are two types of protection for the USB connector: either by a cap (effective, but can be lost) or by a retractable system (does not completely protect the connector).

Finally, we also took into account the software offer. Some vendors deliver encryption programs that prove to be very convenient to protect your sensitive files while others deliver a very valuable backup program to have a backup copy of your work files. These two functions constitute valuable “pluses”. Here are the Top 10 models:

10 – Kingston HyperX Fury

The Hyper X Fury from Kingston is the cheapest and its case is rather original. On the performance side, the results are mixed. Reading speeds are good (184 MB / s maximum) but write speeds are more modest (25 MB / s for pictures at 114 MB / s for videos). The Hyper X Fury is therefore not the fastest key but it can suit most needs, especially if you often transfer files of 700 MB or more. Its major asset: the price.

9 – Integral Xcel V2

Integral’s Xcel features a white plastic housing with a beautiful brushed aluminum finish and a slider to slide out and retract the USB connector. The second version of this key is gaining speed with real maximum bit rates of 183MB / s read and 83MB / s write. We appreciate the encryption program provided, version Windows and Mac OS.

8 – Lexar JumpDrive M10 Secure

The JumpDrive M10 Secure has impressed us with its electronic ink gauge which indicates on the top of the case the rate of filling of the key. Too bad the plastic design is a bit dull. Lexar also provides protection for your sensitive data and delivers the encryption program EncryptStick lite for Windows and Mac OS. The key offers excellent playback speeds (up to 197 MB / s), but its performance is much smaller in writing (62 MB / s). It catches up with its attractive price.

7 – Kingston DataTraveler HyperX 3.0

The DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 is very fast in reading (up to 276MB / s), but its write speeds drop rapidly with file size (154MB / s for videos but 22MB / s for photos). We liked its beautiful blue and black casing reinforced against shocks, but this shell makes it quite thick (1.6 cm), which can hinder the connection of other peripherals. Clever, the cap of the USB connector sticks to the end of the key so it does not get lost during use.

6 – Kingston HyperX Savage

Kingston introduces HyperX Savage as an ultra-fast key and the results support it with real data speeds up to 370MB / s read and 166MB / s write. The price is attractive but the manufacturer does not deliver any software. We also regret the slightly higher footprint than the average for this model with hood.

5 – Patriot Memory Supersonic Magnum

Launched in 2011, the Supersonic Magnum is still on sale and it is rather good news because its performances are excellent. We measured read speeds of 226MB / s and 143MB / s of write. But most importantly, the key remains fast with small files. Its aluminum housing offers good sturdiness and dissipates heat perfectly. But it is wider than average, which can cause a problem of connection with USB ports too close on a laptop. It is also a pity that the manufacturer is deadlocked on the activity indicator.

4 – Toshiba TransMemory-EX II

Less known than SanDisk or Lexar in the field of USB sticks, Toshiba nevertheless has a manufacturing activity of flash memory, which allows him to propose models of which this TransMemory-EX II which is a great surprise. With maximum read speeds of 205MB / s read and 163MB / sec write, it is fast and also achieves very good results for the transfer of files of modest size.

Too bad the plastic case, with a cap, is not up to the high-end status of this model. Finally, Toshiba delivers the EX II Pad Locker software (only in Windows version) to encrypt a part of the key in order to store the sensitive files.

3 – Transcend JetFlash 780

This model is quite “classic” with its plastic case and cap, but it has a neat finish with a beautiful checkered pattern. The performance is good (194 MB / s reading and 128 MB / s writing maximum) and the key offers correct bit rates for small files.

We especially appreciated the software offer, which can be downloaded from the Transcend website. The manufacturer offers for Windows and Mac OS a program of backup and synchronization, as well as a software to recover the files erased by error.

2 – Lexar JumpDrive P20

Designed to replace the JumpDrive P10, the P20 implements the UAS protocol to boost its performance. And this is actually the case with large files like videos (325 MB / s in reading and 185 MB / s in writing): the P20 crushes the competition!

We also appreciate the design of the case with its metal back that ensures good sturdiness. As a bonus, Lexar delivers an encryption program for Windows and Mac OS that is simple and effective. What to justify its high price.

1 – SanDisk Extreme

Featuring a retractable USB connector, this key offers excellent read and write speeds (226 and 167 MB / s maximum).

But we especially like its attractive price and its homogeneous performance for all file sizes, from big video to small picture. For sensitive files, it comes with an encryption program for Windows (you must download the Mac OS version) which is easy to use.