• A custom PS4 or an Xbox One Custom- REALLY unique

If there is one thing that is common to most video game players, it is above all their taste for singularity. They like to meet on forums or in conventions dedicated to this milieu and show the originality of their character or person. Whether it’s racing games, role-playing games or even fighting games, we all like to customize our characters and tools.


But the customization does not end there: just take a ride on the search engines and look for “customize its PS4” to find a myriad of tutorials or sellers wishing to flog you a PS4 skin, a shell or PS4 Stickers PS4. This will certainly help you have a custom PS4 or Xbox One custom but this will not have much original and make them look like hundreds of others in the world (if not thousands).

Why settle for an identical PS4 or Xbox One shell?


After all, when you want to have a custom PS4 or an Xbox One custom, is not it to have something unique? Toast offers to make you a custom PS4 or Xbox One shell in high-quality wood. Nothing to do with the stickers PS4 or Xbox One wood color findable everywhere. Yes, yes it is possible to make them look quite unique to your game console. Why unique? All panels forming your future PS4 or Xbox One shell are made from the same piece of wood and, as everyone knows, there are no two identical pieces of wood (different grains, different stripes).

How to order the PS4 or Xbox One shell?


How is it going? Two options: either you just want a PS4 shell or an Xbox One wooden shell and you go to the site to order it directly, or you can think a little more and customize your console more by sending a high-resolution photo in JPEG, PSD, AI or BIT to make your custom PS4 or Xbox one custom even more unique.

What else on this way to customize his PS4 or Xbox One?


All the vents on your console as well as the sockets for connecting joysticks and other cords will remain perfectly free to not worry that your personalized PS4 or Xbox One custom does not overheat stupidly. Even if you do not own one of these consoles, it will probably make an incredible gift to someone who is a fan of video games and who wants to either stand out from the crowd or worry about design and find that plastic is working in a beautiful piece of furniture.

  • How about a little glow with fancy LED lamps?

When you want to feel at home, the decoration and ambiance of our interior and exterior are very important. This is not an easy subject for some of us, who have absolutely no taste for design and aesthetics. Many people therefore simply put a table in here and there, nice furniture, some green plants, but forget how lighting can play an important role in creating an atmosphere both at the inside and outside.


Between bright LED pots, design lamp, solar outdoor lighting, the range of choice for modern lighting, comfortable and convenient are almost limitless. Perhaps to facilitate us in the choice, one can try to combine the useful with the pleasant and to use luminous accessories making it possible to put our green plants even more in value.

A multicolored LED light pot

This LED vase can change colors! Compact fluorescent lamps disappear more and more and give way to LED lamps. These exist today in many forms. The LED luminous vase is cone-shaped, with multicolored lights perfect for a good decoration.


Made of heavy polyethylene, it is completely waterproof and shock resistant, UV rays, and high temperatures. This bright LED pot is easy to use. Provided with a power wire, simply place it at the desired location, plug it into the mains and turn it on. It is programmed to automatically change the color of its lights after a certain interval of time. It comes with an infrared remote control to control the operation remotely.

Waterproof, it can even decorate the bathroom

These LED fancy lamps are made to use both internal and external. It can be used by a pool, a garden, a terrace, a living room or a bedroom. It offers a trendy and original design to its environment. The remote control allows you to regulate the speed of change of colors, to change the color or even to fix one.


The intensity of the light can also be increased or decreased. To be true to its vessel function, there is an integrated plantation container for plants. This tank has a double wall whose air serves as insulation to protect the roots from the temperature changes induced by the lamps. It comes with a one year warranty.

This outdoor light pot gives ambiance to your evenings

The luminous LED lamps, lights and fancy pots offer a beautiful decoration during the day and warm lighting mood night. Remote control is very convenient and allows to adjust the atmosphere remotely: one can thus easily adopt a disco mode with a rapid change of the color of light or a Zen mode with a slow change. As for its maintenance, it is simply necessary to dust it with a wet cloth. Also considering its plastic material, it is essential not to position it near a source of heat such as a chimney or a radiator.


Compared to a bright vase wireless, that these pots have a wired power may not be suitable for everyone. In this case, it is obviously possible to return to the range of wireless flower pots from the same manufacturer or opt for other solutions, such as the solar outdoor lighting.