After several years, the manufacturers finally understood that the tablets were not only very big smartphones. The supply offered on the market at the present time is, therefore, wide and varied. It caters to both those looking for a multimedia tablet or those looking for a tablet to work. The Galaxy Tab S3 joins the list of best Android tablets of 2017.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3- The ideal tablet to work or use productivity applications

Samsung introduced its new tablet in February and it is available in stores since April. The tablet is a remarkable productivity tool and if it is not able to replace a real computer, it allows you to work very comfortably.

Why is this tablet so adapted to productivity?

The first reason is obviously because you get an S-Pen with the tablet, the latter allowing you to draw or write directly on the screen in a handwritten manner. The second reason is the possibility of coupling this device with a keyboard but here we have a flat: this keyboard costs the tidy sum.

You can use the S-Pen to write to the tablet

Of course, the tablet is also suitable for a more “multimedia” use which is usually the main activity on tablet. So you can easily watch movies and listen to music for hours. It should however be noted that, overall, Android applications on tablets are unfortunately not as well developed as what can be seen on iPad.

Besides these aspects, we find a rather powerful device thanks to a processor last year, the Snapdragon 820, associated with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. The screen diagonal is 9.7, the definition is 1536 x 2048, i.e. rather high, but the whole is powered by a battery of 6000 mAh, thus providing a proper battery life. In short, it is unlikely that you will be disappointed if you get a Tab S3 because it is one of the best tablets on the market.

  1. Lenovo Yoga Book

The Lenovo Yoga Book is ideal for those looking for a productive tablet and for those who want to use it for business trips or for use at the university. Launched at IFA 2016, the Lenovo Yoga Book combines innovation, design and performance in a single tablet. It is a hybrid device between a laptop and a tablet. The perfect tool to combine efficiency and productivity.

The tablet thus has a keyboard integrated on a tactile surface, and beautifully backlit. The Yoga Book can be used as a classic 10 inch tablet as well as as a laptop. By the way, the surface on which the keyboard is located can also be used as a notebook using a stylus. In terms of productivity, we think it’s the tablet running on Android that best represents the platform. In addition to Google services such as Google Drive and Photos, Lenovo pre-installed several Microsoft applications on the Yoga Book.

There are desktop applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. The ideal tablet for combining productivity and multimedia. Unfortunately, the manufacturer had to make some concessions, especially in terms of battery life with a smaller battery.

  1. Google Pixel C- The ideal tablet for those who want a pure Android experience

The Google Pixel C is the latest Google tablet. Like the Yoga Book, it offers a 10-inch screen. The Pixel C also comes with an optional Bluetooth Magnetic Keyboard but it is not physically connected to the unit.

However, for those who prefer the experience with a classic keyboard with physical keys, the Pixel C may be a better option than the Yoga Book, whose keyboard is simply a flat surface. The interesting aspect is that you can also use the keyboard as a protection for the screen, which gives the impression of having a laptop in hand.

The Google Pixel C offers a pure Android experience with 26 pre-installed Google apps. Google Now is obviously part of the game and is a pleasure to use with this tablet. One of the flaws of the Pixel C is that it is really heavy and using it in the hands for a long time is not as enjoyable as the experience you can have with the Xperia Tablet Z4, for example.

  1. Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

Sony Xperia Z4 tablet is good for those who want a lightweight and durable tablet with a big screen and with good power. Although its price positioning sets the bar very high for our wallets, the new Xperia Z4 Tablet from Sony made us a nice slap during its presentation at the MWC 2015 last February. Beauty, speed and simplicity, here are the keywords that define this tablet with the know-how of a brand that is no longer to question.

One of the positive points of the device is its resistance to water. No fear to have in the kitchen or in the bathroom. In addition, Sony has an excellent integration with its products such as the PS4, for example. And here again, the fact that this tablet is very light compared to other 10-inch gadgets is a great advantage.

  1. Huawei MediaPad M3 – Excellent for those looking for a compact, multimedia-oriented tablet

The Huawei MediaPad M3 has a beautiful design and a high-quality finish. With an 8-inch screen, it benefits from an excellent grip. The latest tablet from Huawei is a great alternative in the world of Android tablets to the iPad Mini. The device is certainly one of the best in this list at the performance level but it also attracts many users who want a compact tablet suitable for multimedia (video, games, web browsing).

One of the highlights of the M3 MediaPad is the audio quality. Through a partnership with Harman / Kardon, Huawei has put two 1 x 13 mm stereo speakers powered by a Smart PA chip.

A good alternative Android to the iPad Mini Additionally, with the implementation of SWS 3.0 (Super Wide 7 Sound) technology, the tablet is able to automatically identify whether the user is listening to music or watching a video and producing sound effects appropriate to the experience multimedia. During our tests, we were able to prove that it really works.