You can get lots of real free games on the online store of the PS now. These games are ideal for newcomers and advanced users to enjoy by just simply creating a PSN account on your console. Tricky Towers and Rebel Galaxy include the free games program for PlayStation Plus in August 2016. The new and the old:


  • Tricky Towers(PS4, action / reflection)
  • Rebel Galaxy(PS4, space simulation)
  • Yakuza 5(PS3, Action / Adventure)
  • Retro / Grade(PS3, musical shoot)
  • Patapon 3(PS Vita, rhythm / God game)
  • Ultratron(PS Vita, PS3 and PS4, shoot arcade)

The best games in 2016

The year 2015 ended with a bang, and it is a habit when it comes to video game culture, since, after a summer where interesting releases be counted on the fingers of the hand, and then comes the holiday season. Nothing prevents us from leering hungrily to the greatest games of 2016 and its share of games you cannot miss. Here’s our selection of the most anticipated titles!

01. Dark Soul III (PS4, XBOX ONE PC?), Role Playing


RPG the most famous and most demanding in recent years will return in force very soon for a third episode of which we already know it will not be the last of the series. Billed as faster as and more fluid than its predecessors, it is not surprising that the game draws much on the side of Dark Soul of the first name of Bloodborne. So, of course, the title is not directed to the general public that the difficulty repels player quickly. From Software each game requires patience and persistence on the part of him that wants to extract every important. It knows in advance that Dark Soul III is no exception to this rule.


02. Andromeda Mass Effect(PC, PS4, XBOX ONE), role / Action Game


Ben there, what. He could be number one. But this time the new episode of the best intergalactic saga of video game history has to settle for the silver. A beautiful still room for interstellar adventure spawned by BioWare, the script will run long after the events of the first trilogy. In perspective, you will discover a new galaxy, and you can always manage small team that gravitate around your hero. The question is what the inclination of this episode is, it will be equally shared between RPG and action or if the adrenaline will take over the mystical contemplation of the dying sun.


03. Horizon: Zero Dawn(PS4), Action / Adventure


A hunter the well bandaged bow, and with Neanderthal quick draw are talked about in 2016. And yes, it will be well next game developed by studio Guerrilla, to whom we owe great episodes of the Killzone series. In this futuristic action-RPG, whose world evokes a successful mix between Enslaved and Monster Hunter, it will learn to hunt animals, to hide, to improve their skills in order to survive in an open world all heights will be accessible. If this role play action oriented benefit from some modalities online, it is especially the solo that will make the cannons. Or rather vibrate the chord, since in Horizon Zero Dawn is an arc that will serve as mistress weapon.  A new license, with a heroine who is more in an offbeat universe, from the developers of Killzone? One sign where?


04. The Last Guardian(PS4), Adventure


Finished playing in Arles. Those who knew Ico, and its spiritual sequel Shadow of the Colossusare thrilled for confirmation at E3 2015 it will be possible for them to discover the new baby of Team Ico in 2016. If the project has had many problems throughout his (too long) development, its enchanting universe, its singular design, and music stakeholders should quickly immerse players into the unreal adventure awaited by fans. In the manner of Ico gamers will embody a young boy dressed up this time of a gigantic creature mythological air. They must solve together many puzzles, evolving in gigantic environments dream possible. Of course, the purely technical side should not be a revolution, since the project started long ago.


05. The Division(PC, PS4, XBOX ONE) Shoot / Strategy


Big release announced for Ubisoft with this massively multiplayer action game that will take place in the near future devastated by an epidemic that the authorities have failed to curb. A fraction of humanity, armed and ready to find a cure for the infection, took refuge in an area protected by high walls shielded the heart of Manhattan. Some come out and tries to rebuild little by little civilization. An interesting concept, therefore, supported by two pretty gameplay videos in two years. Too little to completely reassure the players who already fear and already the graphic downgrade Watchdog way. Here we are optimistic, fingers crossed!


06. Battleborn(PC, PS4, XBOX ONE) FPS / MOBA


We had been told about Battleborn in the last year top 10, but ultimately the game developed by Gearbox released in February 2016. In his counter, 25 characters to unlock, all advertised as very different. This blend of MOBA and FPS, cooperative online focused to 5 players and competitive 5 vs 5, would normally federate an avid community challenge and new: to do what he must combine a FPS gameplay at least as good as that of Borderlands to copy server stability, and, why not, a successful cooperative campaign. We look forward to finally know what it really Battleborn in the guts.


07. Quantum Break(XBOX ONE), Adventure


So we really had too little information and videos to their teeth for Quantum Break. What, you had not heard of this game? Oh, well Quantum Break is a title developed by Remedy, a Finnish studio that we owe Max Payne and Alan Wake. A game which we know we can expect wonders seen the pedigree of his parents in video game, but one wonders why so little information is on it. The title should however be clearly oriented action with a classic cover system, which will be grafted control authorities said time. Yes because the theme of time travel and paradoxes it induces, will be apparently the major inspiration of the scenario but also the gameplay. Well now, all it took was a new trailer for the re-playful fantasy video machine. Nothing against by lewd, to the dismay of some readers who will recognize pad in hand. Are you ready for an extraordinary experience?


08. Shadow Warrior II(PC, PS4, XBOX ONE), FPS


After a first episode very well received at the time, here following the strikeout FPS published by Devolver Digital and developed by Flying Wild Dog. Players should feast again in a video game hundred percent share in the fast-paced, with a unique atmosphere mixing humor gore, Japanese culture, and badass spirit. Shadow Warrior II will resume the solid foundation of his eldest, and there add a co-op mode and a more varied weapons. Ouin because do not forget that this license is one of the few to offer a balanced system between melee way Kill Bill and gunfights revving to Doom. To embody Lo Wang and accurately cut the demon down or the mafia, players can always sharpen their blades and clean their guns by the release of the title, announced for 2016 without elaborating.