The USB Type-C is a new format of USB port, one that will eventually replace the micro USB which has itself supplanted the mini USB.  A new format that we will find more and more frequently on smartphones and tablets. Inevitably, this connector that will become more and more frequent on our future devices requires us to renew our charging cables.


The USB Type-C is nevertheless good news: the cable or any other accessory can be connected in both directions to the connector on the terminal.  As a result, this also leads to another point: it will sometimes be possible, depending on the smartphone or tablet, to connect a USB stick and enjoy a USB OTG function.


This function allows you to transfer the files from a USB key to the terminal, and vice versa. This USB stick is protected by a small plastic bag, itself protected by a cardboard box so that the product does not spoil. The package also contains a notice in Chinese / English.

An elegant product

Even if it is inexpensive, this USB stick has an aluminum case of the most beautiful effect. It feels premium! If the specimen used to make this test has a dark gray metal color very elegant, the product is also available in champagne (gold) color. On such a USB stick, difficult to determine where are the left and right sides, top and bottom.  So we arbitrarily decided that the left side would be the one that presents the 2 slots to accommodate a micro SD card and an SD card.


  • On the right side, nothing.
  • At the left and right ends of the key, there is a cap on each side.
  • Once the cap on the left side is removed, you have access to a USB Type-C male.
  • If you remove the cap on the right side, you have access to a USB Type-A male (USB Classic) and micro USB 2.0 male (telescopic, as it is inside the USB-A).
  • An elegant USB stick so that one will like to leave in his/her pocket.
  • Size: 8 cm long x 2.2 cm wide x 1.2 cm thick.
  • Weight: 18 grams.

A Swiss Army knife

The USB key that we present to you today does not have its own storage memory. Its main function is therefore to read the memory cards in SD and micro-SD formats, but not that. Indeed it has many assets, starting with the fact that it is compatible with Windows.  You will be able to transfer files from your PC to the key, and vice versa.


Be careful, however, only one memory card can be read at a time. It may also be connected to the laptop with a USB port type-C, but also serve as key OTG with smartphones or tablets running a USB Type-C port. And since we are talking about OTG, know that this key can easily connect to any smartphone or tablet equipped with a micro USB 2.0 compatible with this technology.

In Conclusion: Consume Without Moderation

This all-in-one USB stick will allow you to manage a nice collection of photos / MP3 / videos, to be played on your mobile or on your tablet. Even if this product is “no-name”, it will still note its very good manufacturing quality.  You can check variations of USB right now!


Goodies: Manufacturing quality, multifunctional key, USB Type-C.

Cons: No storage memory.