The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are now available in versions 32, 128 and 256 GB. More than 16 GB version. The iPhone 7 is sold from 2,269 AED, up to 2,799 AED for iPhone 7 red. The AirPods are offered at an additional price.

The iPhone 7 Specifications

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are available in 4.7-inch for the first, 5.5-inch for the second.

  • The Chip A10

The new chip of the iPhone 7 is called A10 Fusion. It will be 40% faster than the A9, twice as fast as the A8. It features a quad-core processor. Two are ultra-efficient (40% faster than those of the iPhone 6S). The other two play the efficiency card, working only a fifth of their power to preserve the battery. The graphics card is 240 times faster than that of the original iPhone. The production of this A10 processor has not been revealed.

The manufacturer must, therefore, try to optimize its thermal performance. It has, in any case, put the doubles mouths with regard to investments to provide a chip to the engraving fineness of only 10 nm. A thickness that will allow the manufacturer to place many more transistors on the same surface and thus boost the power of the processor. The manufacturer has also planned to double production to manage the production lines of processors A9 and A10.

This smartphone that will carry a dual 12-megapixel photo sensor in its largest version. One in wide angle, the other in telephoto.

Enabling users to zoom in with a simple tap on the picture they have taken, preserving unrivaled shooting quality. A way for the camera to take brighter and more detailed pictures. 

  • A single photo sensor for the iPhone 7

It will be equipped with a sensor of 12 megapixels, 60% faster. Apple has made great efforts on image stabilization. The flash has also been reviewed. The camera will also have a 7 megapixel Facetime HD camera in front.

  • Headphones connected via the Lightning outlet

Apple had decided to drop the 3.5 mm headphone jack to adopt its proprietary Lightning connector. Apple, however, released a plug adapter plug that will be integrated into the iPhone pack.

  • Bluetooth headphones called Air Pods

The arrival of Bluetooth headphones with the iPhone 7. The manufacturer had applied for the Air Pods.

Sensors detect that the headphones are well encrusted in your ears … and do not start the music until then. It is possible to activate Siri by a double-tap. The headphones will have a battery life of 5 hours and a charger will add 24 more hours of listening.

  • Two speakers

The iPhone 7 has two speakers, one at the top and one at the bottom. They will be twice as powerful. As expected, Apple’s headphones will connect to the device via the Lightning jack. But an adapter will allow older “old school” to continue using their old headphones.

  • A watertight seal

The smartphone tightness was a major concern for Apple, describing a system of “liquid expulsion from an orifice”.

In particular, it was necessary to detect and reject the water situated inside the acoustic cavities such as the loudspeaker or the microphone, by varying their surface loads. This mechanism allows the iPhone to gain substantially waterproof.

  • The Home button replaced by Force Touch technology

Apple removed the physical Home button and made the screen cover the entire device, replacing the Home button with the Force Touch technology that appeared with the arrival of the latest smartphones from the brand to the Apple.

The surface of this Touch ID button does not move, but the Taptic engine gives the impression of a click, like on the trackpad of the MacBook.

  • The battery

It is the most powerful in the history of the iPhone. One hour more battery life than the iPhone 6S Plus. Two hours longer than the iPhone 6S. The screen is 25% brighter than its predecessor.

  • No Li-Fi to replace Wi-Fi

This wireless communication technology is based on the use of visible light, where Wi-Fi is transmitted via the radio part of the electromagnetic spectrum. This allows multiplying the speed of the rate by 10 compared to the traditional Wi-Fi. No announcement about it yet.

  • No smart connector

There is no smart connector to charge the iPhone without the connection.  Apple intends to integrate into the next iPhone the great innovation of the iPad Pro, the Smart Connector. Present on the tablet, three tips allow connecting the keyboard of Apple, the Smart Keyboard, putting the two parts in contact.

The data and power exchanges allow the iPad to power the accessory. There is no need to reload it continuously. According to the Japanese site, the three tips had to be present on the back of the smartphone to make a system of quick charging of the smartphone, without a connection.

Challenges for Apple

The iPhone has become the mainstay of Apple’s profitability over the years. 62.5% of its sales came from iPhone sales in the last quarter of its fiscal year ended at the end of September 2011. The apple firm had sold no less than 48 million units during the period. A performance obviously boosted by the release of its iPhone 6S, 13 million in the same year.

Apple has just wiped its first disappointment in early 2016 with iPhone sales down 16% year on year, just announced the company. The Apple firm has sold 51.9 million copies of its iconic smartphone between January and March 2016, 10 million less than the same period a year earlier. To make matters worse, its net profit fell by 22% and its turnover by 13%.